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23:07, Apr 14 2014

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Q. We want to travel to Europe for about three weeks next year. Apart from a few days each in Paris and Venice on an earlier trip, we haven't seen any more of Europe so would like to cover the 'main' tourist areas.

The problem is that we would also like to incorporate a sea cruise. I have already done a cruise from Venice to Athens/Dubrovnik/Ephesus/Split but my partner hasn't cruised before. Chris Saxton 


A. The Mediterranean offers a broad range of cruising options and ports with an alluring combination of history, architecture, rich culture and fabulous food.

You have already seen some iconic port cities, so the decision will be whether you want to revisit these with your partner, or cruise only to 'new' destinations?

The cruising season for the Mediterranean is generally April to November.

You could easily spend two or three days in Istanbul, enjoying the unique blend of Asia with European history and exploring the vast number of attractions.

A call into either Naples or Sorrento would give you myriad touring options that cover history, scenery, islands, world-famous drives and more.

Santorini's beauty really speaks for itself, you can't take a bad photo.

Or you can discover the cosmopolitan Barcelona, with fine food and wine, great art, latest European shopping venues and a relaxed atmosphere. The easiness to explore this city is a major advantage.

The options are truly endless.

Aroha Whippy, House of Travel's cruise assistant product manager.

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