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Female pilots finally get a look in

Qantas unveiled its new pilot uniforms on Friday. The female uniforms - pictured here alongside new male cabin crew ...

Female Qantas pilots used to have to wear mens' shirts - but finally a uniform has been designed with both sexes in mind.

Kept on plane after vomit bug hits

An Air New Zealand flight from Singapore landed in Auckland with six people on board hit by food poisoning.

Grounded plane boarded by doctors in masks, but passengers didn't know what was going on.

'They just biffed my board' video

Qantas requires all surfboards to be checked in with fragile tags attached to surfboard bags.

Video surfaces of surfers watching in horror as heavy handed baggage handlers throw surfboards on ground.

Passport scanning complaints take off

03122015. News. Photo. SUPPLIED/CUSTOMS. Customs Minister Nicky Wagner opening the new SmartGate border processing gates ...

Dozens of people have reported airport scanning machines not reading their passports.

Air NZ wants up-market Southland

An A320 Air Bus Jet at Invercargill Airport on Wednesday. The jet landed for Invercargill Airport's Air New Zealand ...

Southland told to up its game for up-market tourism.

Great travel fakes

A replica Eiffel Tower looms large over Las Vegas.

Are increasingly common, reproduced tourist monuments fraudulent or fantastic?

Logan Dodds is not a good choice

Kiwi plumber Logan Dodds is back with another holiday video. Hurrah!

OPINION: His latest video is 4.27 minutes of brow-furrowingly cliched footage that somehow, we can't get enough of.

Cat and mouse with campers

A freedom camper was caught with his pants down when he and his partner were found illegally camping in Te Anau's Fergus ...

Crafty campers are using Facebook to suss out ranger patrols. But authorities are fighting back.

Top travel photos of the week gallery

Members of the women's union take part in a dancing party at the plaza of the Arch of Triumph for the 83rd anniversary ...

Here is our round-up of the top travel photos from around the world.

'Don't judge a town by its chlamydia stats'

250315 . News . Photo: Peter Drury/ Fairfax NZ.
Balloons over Waikato .The mass ascention lifts off over Hamilton Lake.

OPINION: I moved to Hamilton without knowing what to expect.

Talk show host's toilet trauma video

Today show host Matt Lauer said he "held it" for four days on a camping trip to New Zealand, rather than face the long drop.

US anchorman and self-confessed germaphobe Matt Lauer wasn't a fan of New Zealand's long drops.

T-shirt breaks language barrier

Need a bed, bathroom or some food but don't know the right word? Just point to it.

Travelling and don't know the language? Let your t-shirt doing the talking.

Brutally attacked on holiday

CCTV captured the attack of a British family holidaying in Thailand.

Graphic: Four Thai men are charged after a British family was savagely attacked.

Airport mix-up leaves couple red-faced

Richella Heekin spent $2500 on the Las Vegas birthday surprise for boyfriend Ben Marlow.

They showed up at the airport in Birmingham, England, only to realise they'd booked flights from Birmingham, Alabama.

Girl sneaks onto Russian flight video

The 11-year-old can be seen slipping beneath a barrier before blending into a crowd.

An 11-year-old who wanted to see St Petersburg, and experience flight, found a way.

Kiwi tradie travels own backyard video

Logan Dodds, right and travelling companion Trent Nattrass, are travelled New Zealand, courtesy of Air New Zealand.

Plumber Logan Dodds has released a New Zealand version of the travel video that made him an internet star.

Turtles all the way

Snorkelling among the coral and marine life in the Great Barrier Reef.

"I guarantee you will see a turtle," - Music to the ears of any snorkeler.

Pilot accused of flying drunk

A JetBlue pilot in the US has appeared in court on charges related to flying a plane while drunk.

Pilot faces 15 years jail after being charged with flying while under the influence of alcohol.

Celebrity makes secret visit

Scarlett Johansson has been ruled out as Marlborough's mystery celebrity visitor.

If it's not Scarlett Johansson or Ozzy Osbourne, who is it?

That's a big dent

Just how big was the bird that hit this American Airlines plane?

This is the damage a bird can do to a plane.

Taking the waters

Taking the waters at Hanmer is a Canterbury tradition.

he contradictions of nature. That fault that rattles us can also soothe us.

Quiz: Travel hotspots

This is the Space Needle, but where is it?

Do you have plenty of stamps in your passport - or just wish you did? Test your knowledge.

New passport glitch reported

New Zealand Passports have an array of complex security and anti-fraud features.

A Kiwi traveller whose son's passport wouldn't scan says she was told the problem was rife.

Australia's best hotels gallery

Enjoy the luxury of the Inchcolm in Brisbane.

From five-star city hotels to serviced apartments, island resorts to caravan parks - the best of the best.

Disney offers Rhine River cruises

The magnificent Heidelberg Castle is one of the spots to explore.

Disney's foray into river cruising in Europe is growing with the introduction of new Rhine River trips on board a new ship in 2017.

10 beautiful hand-drawn maps gallery

Zooming in on the maps shows the amazing level of detail - this is London.

Illustrator Jenni Sparks has recreated some of the world's most famous cities in meticulous detail.

Plane lands with flat tyre

The flight made it to the ground safely despite the issues with the wheel.

The pilot suspected something was wrong, but had to land the plane anyway.

11 travel hacks for cheapskates

Use your noodle and search globally for the best flights.

You can travel the world on any budget with a bit of self-restraint and a few clever travel hacks.

The art of visiting museums

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - APRIL 17:  Visitors admire The Nightwatch by Rembrandt four days after the Rijksmuseum Official ...

Sometimes it can be nothing more than utterly horrible to try to see some of the world's greatest works of art.

Watch: inside Chernobyl video


Three decades ago, an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine sent a radioactive cloud across Europe.

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