'I just needed to get out'

The minute Gary Belis arrived in Auckland he began to think he might have to pretend he isn't American.

Retiree Gary Belis flew to New Zealand the day before Trump's inauguration to escape him.

Is love in the air?

Tiffany Beese shared a beer with the man she had been looking for.

Wellington woman finds the man she made a connection with on a plane.

World's most powerful passport video

New Zealanders have it pretty good, sitting at fifth equal strongest passport in the world.

Got a NZ passport? You are officially more important than anyone from Australia.

Dean's building a habit

Dean Eager in Cambodia in 2013 during the Habitat for Humanity project to build homes for impoverished villagers.

The Porirua resident love building new homes in Cambodia.

Planes can never vanish again

Pilots now have to report their position every 15 minutes.

Pilots now have to report every 15 minutes as airlines keep closer tabs on planes flying over open ocean.

The disappearing Wicked shockers

A Wicked Camper parked in Nelson.

After national outcry, Wicked Campers seems to have toned down its offensive message.

Kaikoura open for business

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett visited Kaikoura to meet with the council, community members and tourism operators ...

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett makes her first trip to Kaikoura.

Airline's new 'basic economy' class video

No carry-on bags will be allowed in overhead compartment under American Airlines stripped-down fare.

No carry-on bags will be allowed in overhead compartments under airline's stripped-down fare.

Airbus to test flying car video

The flying car will be tested by end of 2017, says Airbus.

The plane-maker's self-piloted flying car is an answer to congested cities and pollution.

Fly Aus to Vietnam for $170

Fly to Vietnam with Jetstar from May.

Jetstar will launch flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City.

Behind-the scenes aviation series

The graphics on the new City in the Sky series from the BBC take visual art to new heights.

Look and learn - BBC's new City in the Sky series is, quite frankly, out of this world.

NZ the 38th happiest country

New Zealand fared well in the categories of life expectancy, inequality and well-being.

The Happy Planet Index, which measures a nation's mood based on sustainable wellbeing levels, packs some surprises.

No doddle getting in NZ

Many entering New Zealand are surprised by the country's strict border security.

If you think Harry Potter is the main character in the Lord of the Rings, your entry will likely be refused

$1.1b opera house a sight to behold

Architects Herzog & de Meuron called the Elbphilharmonie concert hall a city in itself.

Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie hall, which evokes a ship floating on water, opens to majestic fanfare in Germany.

Passenger jailed for drunk outburst

The captain had to leave the cockpit to intervene in the incident.

A drunk man who demanded a drink through a flight intercom has been jailed for his unruly behaviour.

Freedom campers fight back

Campervans at freedom camping hot spot One Mile carpark.

Council says its freedom camping enforcement officers have faced a tirade of threatening behaviour.

Disneyland to add Fastpass fee

Disneyland's announcement attracted mixed responses by fans.

Want to redeem a Fastpass to beat the queues? There's now a $14 fee for this feature on the app.

Malaysia Airlines on the rebound

Malaysia Airlines

Three years on from twin disasters, new CEO says the airline's recovery is going better than expected.

Ice-skating above underwater prison video

Daredevil ice-skates on old Soviet prison in frozen lake

Daredevil ice-skates over an old Soviet prison submerged in a frozen lake in breathtaking footage.

Airline opens lounges to all flyers

The new Emirates business class lounge at Dubai International Airport.

Emirates will begin offering access to lounges for $140 to all in a bid to increase revenues.

How I lost visa-free entry to the US

A law brought in by the US government means anyone who has visited a country deemed particularly problematic since March ...

"Travel not authorised." Those three words should send shivers down the spine of any passionate wanderer.

'Resilient' tourism totals

Passengers disembark the Emerald Princess in Picton, one week after the November 14 earthquake.

First post-quake tourism figures are in for Marlborough, with only a 1 per cent drop to year-on-year receipts.

Airline's first Dreamliner takes off

Premium economy on board the Dreamliner, the first airliner to be made of carbon fibre rather than aluminium.

Air France is the latest company to say "bonjour" to the cutting-edge aircraft.

Busy summer skies fly

An extra 315 jet movements are being made each week as travel booms.

An extra 315 jet movements are being made each week as travel booms.

Air NZ pulls Jag ad video

The ad screened on Airbus A320s showed a Jaguar SUV driving on the wrong side of the road.

The luxury car ad won't play on flights and has been slammed as it 'glorifies unsafe driving practices'.

Online holiday rentals flouting rules

Moteliers believe homeowners listing rooms to rent on accommodation websites such as Airbnb aren't playing by the rules.

Moteliers say they're "jumping through hoops" to comply with rules while Airbnb users dodge resource consent.

Fired for eating a bacon buttie

Shannon Gleeson, right, was fired for eating a bacon sandwich given to her by a manager.

A flight attendant with allergies was sacked for "gross misconduct" after eating a meal meant for passengers.

70,000 birds slain for air safety video

Passengers stand on the wings of a US Airways plane as a ferry pulls up to it after it landed in the Hudson River in New ...

Birds took the blame for bringing down a jetliner and have been paying for it with their lives ever since.

Kitesurfer's great white encounter video

Isabelle Fabre was unaware the dark shape she thought was a shadow was, in fact, a shark.

At first, she thought it was the shadow from her board, before realising it was a 2-metre shark.

Friends fly to Spain for 'catch-up'

The friends swapped the cold, British weather for some heat in Malaga.

They only live 320km apart, but it was cheaper to for two British friends to fly 2400km.

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