Naked traveller Magdalena Wosinska says nudity removes notions of class and status

Nudity is a way to remove class distinctions, says photographer who has amassed 128,000 followers.
Instagram/Magdalena Wosinska

Nudity is a way to remove class distinctions, says photographer who has amassed 128,000 followers.

A Polish woman who snaps nude self-portraits on her travels has taken the internet by storm.

However, Magdalena Wosinska insists her naked selfies aren't intended to be sexually provocative, but a stance against the social class system.

"When you wear certain types of clothes, you identify with a certain social class or group of people you hang out with, what kind of music you like, etc," the 32-year-old says.


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Whatever the reason, the professional photographer has amassed more then 128,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts her revealing photos.


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Having moved from Poland to the US at a young age, Wosinka became interested in photography when she was 14.

"We were really poor growing up, and when I shot self-portraits for a class assignment, I thought, 'Well, f..., I don't have any nice clothes. I can't afford nice clothes'. So, I took my clothes off," she told US lifestyle website, Sakara.

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"It was more about the fact that I couldn't afford 'cute clothes', or the clothes my peers were wearing.


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"I guess you could say I started doing self-portrait nudes almost twenty years ago."

Wosinaka, who has shot ad campaigns for Converse and Urban Outfitters, gets to travel the world as a professional photographer.

"It became about photographing myself alone all the time in different environments and cool landscapes," she says.

"And then it became about showing the human form in a really natural environment."

Having published a book of her portraits, Wosinka says she'll continue until she is old. 

"It's really weird because people are so scared of nudity..."

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