What takeaway food should be served on planes?

Last updated 13:19 28/11/2013
Japan Airlines
MID-AIR KFC: Would the Colonel cheer up your seasonal flight, or would you prefer another option?

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For the second year in a row, Japan Airlines is offering KFC as an in-flight meal as a Christmas special.

The winter menu will include boneless bite size chicken called Chicken Bite, biscuits with honey maple, coleslaw and chocolate walnut cake.

Would the Colonel cheer up your seasonal flight, or would you prefer another option?

I'll admit it: I could probably be tempted by a Big Mac onboard, though that's not the kind of food that would work well for reheating (so I might just have to make my own). Pizza will reheat better (and Qantas does occasionally offer this).

What takeaway would make the skies friendlier for you? Tell us in the comments.

- Lifehacker

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