Who should win a trip to Antarctica?

FINALISTS: Tony Tizzard, Ben Paris and Alyssa Langford are competing to win a trip to Antarctica.

A geologist, a photographer and NZ Batman are amongst finalists hoping to win a trip to Antarctica.

Snow patrol

THING OF BEAUTY: Boarding the Remarkables.

This season has seen significant investment in the Queenstown ski scene.

Is Antarctica on your list?

RARE TREAT: Being surrounded by penguins in Antarctica makes the challenges of sea travel worthwhile. (Pictured are Adelie Penguins at Commonwealth Bay.)

Visiting Antarctica might be on your bucket list, but what is a ship voyage to the ice like?

Ski field's first chair lift

MAPPING IT OUT: Porters is planning significant changes to the field for winter 2015.

Porters is on its way to becoming a ''major'' destination thanks to a four-seater chairlift.

Feeding a need for speed

TIME FOR CHANGE: Brenda Ward has the chance to live dangerously in four different Mercedes.

Brenda Ward sees the Pisa Ranges whiz by in a blur of flying snow while mountain range driving near Cardrona.

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