Cold at the top

SNOW COVERED: On top of Mount Wellington

It may be summer but it's snowing on Mount Wellington when a group of cyclists begin their hair-raising descent.

Australia's top 10 cycling trips

First day of summer?

SUMMER SNOW: The Mt Hutt ski area received up to 20 cm of snow overnight.

Snow-capped mountains and chilly temps mark Canterbury’s first day of summer.

High in the Himalayas gallery

From left, Anup Kaphle, Whitney Shefte and Hugh Blodget, Jr., pose for a photo at the top of Thorung La Pass, which sits at 17,769 feet in the Himalayas in South Asia. Days after this photo was taken, an avalanche killed at least 39 people in the area.

We finally crossed the Thorung La Pass after a gruelling trek through rugged terrain. Death had missed us by two days.

Low cost Aspen ski luxury

Party town: Night-life abounds on the slopes. Photo: Supplied

So you want the luxury of Aspen, without the cost? Then click this way...

Escape to the mountain

PERFECT POWDER: Top of the High Noon Express.

Spring is here and Mt Ruapehu continues to receive snowfall, perfect for those looking for an escape to the mountain.

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