Sahara Desert covered in snow video

Snow has not fallen in Ain Sefra since February 18, 1979.

Sand dunes become ski slopes after freak weather leaves desert blanketed by one metre of snow.

Skiing in the summer? video

Mt Ruapehu received a surprising amount of mid-summer snowfall on Thursday night.

Our messy summer has sprung another surprise - snow. "A lot of people have come out to have a play" on the ski fields.

Picture-perfect places for snow video

Paris is beautiful in the snow.

Missing a white Christmas? Live vicariously through this footage of stunning winter wonderlands.

Epic ski lift fail video

How not to get off a ski lift.

This is your very quick guide at how not to get off a moving ski lift.

Middle of summer, we have snow

Snow fell in the middle of summer, January 4, on the Old Man Range near Alexandra.

Unseasonable snow falls on the hills around Central Otago - and more is likely.

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