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Rio: Tourists don't fit in

The Rio de Janeiro skyline rises behind Ipanema Beach.

In togs like undies, awkward tourists don't even know the rules they're breaking.

Dolphins delight in the shallows gallery video

Dolphins, orca and a blue shark - Whangaparaoa beaches are teeming with marine life.

Secret's out, move over Rio

Beyond the beach


A foodie haven

The Marlborough Wine and Food Festival celebrates local produce every year.

Marlborough named in luxury travel guide as Culinary Destination of the Year.

Eats and beats in Raro

If you're a foodie who appreciates fresh flavours and twists on traditional Pacific Island fare, you'll love Rarotonga.

A "halal certified" sign is seen at a display of steamed rice.

NZ hopes to attract Muslim tourists

Tourism NZ has launched a halal food guide in an effort to tap into the growing market.


Toddler falls asleep in plane aisle

Two-year-old Luca Turner conked out in the aisle of a Ryanair flight.

The excitement of being on a plane was all too much for two-year-old Luca Turner.

Wanaka camp ground gets upgrade go-ahead

Hey campers, Glendhu Bay camping ground is set to get a make-over.

Mum says she is sick of people complaining about kids on flights and claims that's why business class exists.

Child-free zones on planes?

Mum says she is sick of people complaining about kids on flights and claims that's why business class exists.


One item all women should pack

Rather than be prepared for any scenario, a better approach is to pack minimally and buy stuff there.

This piece of clothing is like the Swiss army knives of women's undergarments.

The best value destinations

It's time to ditch the old favourites - these holiday swaps will provide the most bang for your buck.

Bond actress Rachel Grant shows us that rolling your clothes and stuffing socks in shoes really works.

Cram 130 items into hand luggage video

Does rolling your clothes and stuffing socks in shoes really work? Yes, yes it does.


World's tallest cliff swing set for NZ

A giant swing, similar to this one near Taihape, is set to become the tallest in the world when it is built on the ...

A new amusement park-style swing will be so high it required special permission from civil aviation experts.

Irishman's epic bike adventure

Daniel Ross wanted a gap year, so he decided to cycle all the way home from New Zealand to Ireland.

Angela Nikolau is on top of the selfie world.

World's riskiest selfie-taker video

Angela Nikolau photographs herself on top of skyscrapers and construction sites. But is it sheer idiocy?


Robert de Niro's luxury London hotel

Actor Robert De Niro's hotel will include a spa, restaurant, private members' club and retail space.

The actor joins a growing number of celebrities investing in high-end accommodation.

Inside Antarctica's coolest new hotel gallery

Everything about this hotel screams opulence. But your jaw will drop further when you hear the price.

Singapore Airlines' next-generation business class cabin.

What it's like to fly business class

The first thing to know is that there are many cubby holes and compartments and buttons and sliding bits.

short breaks

A stopover in paradise

Doubletree by Hilton Fiji has recently opened on Sonaisali Island, 25 minutes drive from Nadi International Airport.

I don't think I really knew what true comfort was until I stopped over in Nadi.

Best Auckland mini-breaks gallery video

Ready for a mid-winter break from Auckland already? Why not consider ... Auckland.

Would you be brave enough to stay in this haunted rental?

Airbnb's most haunted rentals

Why rent an apartment when you could stay in a haunted castle, or a madness chamber?


Prague to Colorado for Tinder date

Veronika Doleželová with her Tinder match Bryan Davis.

They matched 12 hours before his flight departed so she flew across the world for their first meeting.

Hotel package for the heartbroken

The "I Will Survive" package is designed for the newly single, with promises of wine, ice-cream and a makeover.

Nathaly Eichand Jürgen Bogner got married on an Austrian Airlines flight to Greece.

Couple's magical mid-air marriage

When we think of perfect places to wed, an airplane is not it. But this wild romantic gesture is actually charming.

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