Quenching a thirst

yvonne lorkin defcon

The host of new television series about Kiwi wine producers offers a behind-the-scenes look at her experiences along the way.

Top 10 island beaches

beaches Laying back on a beautiful sandy beach is the perfect way to recharge your batteries (especially in Winter).

Understated luxury in Wanaka

Whare Kea Lodge, Spending a weekend away at a $500+ per night lodge in Wanaka.

'Baddest ride ever built'

Verrukt One of the possible hazards of going down this waterslide is... death.

The perfect backpack

backpackers The first thing you need to ask yourself is: what kind of traveller am I?

Your island home

island Whatever your penchant, there is a beach somewhere in the world that is just right for you.

The utopia Hollywood ruined

One resort in Koh Phi Phi is trying to clean up the mess Hollywood left.

Are island holidays a cliche?

Brighton: It rocks

Fiji on a plate

Fiji Strap Life's just too sweet in a kitchen operating on Fiji time.

Paris' top 10 sweet spots

When it comes to French pastries, chocolate and macarons, food lover Jane Paech knows her stuff.

Times Square's food spots

Food with a twist

Survive Taiwan's markets

If you want to know what chicken butts and deer penis tastes like, this is the place to be!

Dwarfs, wizards & princesses

florida Florida's theme parks remain the best, as they continue to innovate with an eye on history.

Top 5 historical spots

These spots provide an impressive history lesson and a chance to see some of the most meaningful places.

Sorry kids, you'll hate me

Kidman's Singapore top 10

San Fran with the kids

The city by the bay is best seen from land and water, with the help of locals and good transport.

A city so expensive

Stockholm Today's travellers have become spoiled by cheap travel, but not in this city.

10 tips on holiday saving

Before you jet off on your next holiday, consider these tips on how to get the most value out of your break.

Family travel on a budget

When should you book?

Cruisin' for a wallet bruisin'

A holiday on the high seas needn't cost a fortune.

Two-wheel wonders

Confederation Trail on Prince Edward Island There is no shortage of places to conquer on bicycle. Here are 12 of the best routes.

Top 5 adventure islands

If you're seeking a more active island getaway then these 5 spots are for you.

Chaos theory

Zip off the beaten path

That time I went... ahhhh!

What's the scariest thing you've ever done? Tell us all about it now you've lived through it.

Napier hotels win out

Blue Karma Resort If you want to go to the best hotels in NZ, don't book a flight for Auckland - go to Napier.

A winter weekend away

You don't need snow to appreciate Queenstown, especially when hunkered down at a luxury resort.

Pause and hit refresh

Top 10 places to relax

Luxury island escapes

These resorts exist purely to help you forget what's waiting for you back home (for just a little while).

48 hours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong This efficient, electric, fusion city can do a whirlwind two day jetlag breaker like no other.

Luxury the life

Time can fly when you're holed up in a luxury hotel for the weekend.

Vintage glamour

Look before you leap

Getting a feel for Sydney

Blue Mountains to the harbour suburbs, a first-time visitor finds Sydney worth stepping out for.

Lego couple travel the world

LegoTravellers This globe-trotting Scottish couple take holiday photos to a whole new level.

Adelaide to Brisbane

Del and Cindy are celebrating their golden anniversary by cycling 3000km across Australia.

Inflight flirting?

Travel pitfalls as a couple

World's sexiest people are...

South American beauties and Australian brawn have come out on top of a poll on geographical hotness.