How to take topless travel photos

Last updated 10:56 09/06/2014

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"Topless travel" is the latest photographic trend to take Instagram and Facebook by storm. No really.

As you can probably guess, the craze involves taking topless photos in front of panoramic vistas while travelling abroad.

Here are a few tips if you're thinking of ditching your tee and getting involved. You know you want to.

The Topless Tour Project encourages travellers to cast aside their inhibitions (and tops) while capturing the beauty of nature.

You can then post the results on the organisation's Instagram or Facebook page. As you do.

It's essentially holiday snaps for the narcissistic 'selfie' set and there are apparently a lot of takers - the site already contains hundreds of photos from all over the world.

If you're keen to jump on the bod-baring bandwagon, here are a few tips that should make for a silky-smooth experience.

Not that we're experts or anything. Cough.

Pick somewhere remote

Bit of a no brainer, but worth pointing out all the same. The more secluded your location, the more interesting your photos will be. You can also take your time getting the perfect shot instead of snapping away in a desperate, paranoid rush.

Less is more

You're not making soft porn here - the idea is to convey your toplessness without actually showing anything rude. In other words, your bare back should be the only skin that's visible, with the scenery taking centre stage. (This will also stop you from getting banned from Facebook and Instagram, natch.)

Bring a wingman

Attempting to take a topless selfie with your back turned is basically impossible. Instead, bring a friend along to take the photo for you. This will allow you to fit more scenery into the frame and get creative with your poses. They can also keep a lookout for other hikers while you obliviously preen to the elements.

Respect the culture

Some countries are fine with public toplessness and a bit of cheeky photography. Others, not so much. Do some research about the culture you're travelling to and don't do anything that is likely to cause offense - especially if it could land you in jail.

Choose a suitable time of the day

Unless you're a total exhibitionist, you probably don't want a busload of tourists to roll up in the middle of your shoot. In other words, stick to early morning or late at night when less strangers are around.

Shy? Shoot indoors

If your hotel room has a suitable view, you can take the photo from the privacy of your abode which should cut down on nerves and jitters. Ironically, more people will probably see you this way, but at least you won't have to look them in the eye.

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Be creative!

As with all photography, thinking outside the box will produce a more arresting shot. Just standing there like a topless lunk isn't particularly interesting. Especially from behind.

Feature an iconic landmark

Random beaches and mountain ranges are kind of boring. The best topless travel photos usually include a highly recognisable landmark. This can make the whole seclusion thing a little tricky, but plenty of people have pulled it off.

- Lifehacker


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