Photo Competition: Cliched travel snaps

00:38, Dec 02 2013
Not my lens cap!
Annabel stands in two time zones at once, at the Greenwich Mean time line in London.
Jack Ostler gets some quality time with FDR and Winston Churchill.
High 5
High five!
Jared Mason attempts an ancient handstand, in Bamyan, Afghanistan.
A storm approaches Victoria Halafihi, and the most cliche of all cliches.
Travel Cliche Pisa
In Pisa a week ago and a thumbs down to my friend Natasha Eccles, who forced me to take this picture.
Travel Cliche Cappadocia
HARD WORK: A cliched photo from Cappadocia.
Travel Cliche Salt pan
Getting fried in a salt pan! Taken in the Etosha Salt Pan, Namibia. We couldn't resist a quick play with camera to snap this cliche shot.
Travel Clich Pyramid
Mind if I borrow your glasses? This was taken in 2010 by a stranger who offered to shoot some pics with my camera.
Travel Cliche Elephant
This was at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We had come to our final day in a week of volunteering at the park and the lovely elephants were kissing us goodbye. A photo with an elephant seems to be a rite of passage for anyone who travels in Thailand! Photo taken by a fellow volunteer.
Travel Cliche Tongariro
Taken on the Tongariro Crossing in March 2013. Attempts to make it look as if I am falling into the crater after a volcanic eruption! Taken by David Cochrane, photo of Bev Booth.
Travel Cliche Pyramid
On a recent trip to Egypt we stopped by the pyramids to have a look and get the obligatory tourist snaps. Our guide was eager to make sure that he got shots of all the cliched poses, but the winner had to go to "eat the pyramid". Eat it!
Travel Cliche Seals
While working at Scott Base, Antarctica I managed to hang out with the locals.
Colosseum Elbow rest
Taken by one of my travel buddies on my OE on the 18th April 2010, the might of the Colosseum stands in the heart of Rome, delicate and timeless piece of history reduced to an elbow rest!
Pyramid at the Pyramids
In 2011 there was a new Pyramid built in Cairo. Quite possibly the best looking one of them all, with three strapping young lads from Christchurch. Also sporting classic Adidas three stripe volleyball uniforms from the mighty Riccarton High School. Photo taken by tour guide Muhammad.
Touching the Louvre
Last day of whirlwind Parisian tour, Carly touching the top of the Louvre.
The Classic Water Fall Pose
While on a recent trip to Frans Josef Glacier, my 9-year-old brother, Joel, posed for this under a waterfall.
I have Gas!
Recently we visited Mt Yasur, an awesome active volcano. My wife snapped me proudly displaying an impressive gas plume, people that know me believe it was mine, I assure you it was Mt Yasur showing off. This is a bucket list experience.
Just a touch to the left, I think...
Leaning tower of Pisa.
Stand aback from my windmill!
Taken at Zaanse Schans windmills by my travelling companion Andrew in Holland, October 2012. This is the middle of the not so famous 'I can be a windmill' series. The next two being unsuccessful, as the human windmill collapses, dusts itself off and wanders in search of a Heineken and a waffle. Proost! Op je gezondheid!
50 Days in Asia
Brent and Lesley Porter at Tam Phu Island better known as James Bond Island, Thailand.
GOOD TIMES: Fun at the Louvre, in Paris.
Kisses with the Sphinx
In Cairo, a little Egyptian kid called Ahmed directed me for various poses with the sphinx, including one of the sphinx kissing my rear end. I thought this one of the sphinx kissing my hand was far more respectful to share!
Keeping up!
Taken at the Getty centre, Los Angeles in October 2013. My 8 year old decided she might just have a chance to win this race! Saoirse Kenny and Running Man statue
Cliche with Christchurch Cathedral
This photo was taken just after the first Christchurch earthquake, but before the major earthquake that devastated the city. During a holiday in Christchurch, my partner Matt Ferris, who took the photo, and I decided to have a go at the classic cheesy tourist photo...
Venetian Gondola Ride
Alastair and Deedee. The must do when visiting Venice - the obligatory gondola ride on the Grand Canal. Magic.
Will I fit in the jar now?
My son Cameron being squeezed to fit into a jar by his mate. We were on holiday, staying in a bach at Granity on the West Coast.
Heading for the Hogwarts Express
When my friend and I arrived in London for the first time, we skipped Westminster and Parliament, and headed straight for platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station.
Tourist in India
Tracey 'touching' the top of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India in March 2013. A very hot day, well over 30 degrees.
Antony and Jennifer Anniston
Antony had a ball around Madame Tussaud's Times Square - boxing with Mohammed Ali, dancing with Beyonce, looking cool with Ozzy Osbourne... all the celebs are touchable.
Cliched photo
This photo was taken in Delphi, Greece towards the end of my three month OE in Europe. I did a lot of travelling alone and often use this photo as evidence of my increasing confidence with strangers: "You know you've been travelling too long when you feel comfortable getting a random tourist to take this photo of you."
My cliched photo - Me and my Leaning Tower of Pisa Hat
This is a photo of me wearing the Leaning Tower of Pisa as a hat! Clichéd enough?
Cliched travel snaps - Turkey
My Fiancé in Cappadocia, Turkey taken by myself - he was very particular about this setting and still makes me laugh to date!
Attacking Pisa!
Whilst on Contiki around Europe, we had a competition for the most original photo with the famous leaning tower. This entry won us second prize and a much enjoyed bottle of wine! Photo by Phoebe Hewitson, I'm the jumper.
Relief at last
Jerran Carroll getting relief, at last.
Cost cutting
Small African airlines as part of their cost-cutting have co-opted outside sources to help with running the airlines. Pre-landing seatbelt checks are also out-sourced, as shown here.
Rock that tasty bite!
This photo was taken by my friend a few years ago while backpacking through Australia, mucking around at sunset at Uluru (Ayers Rock).
Tiny but Mighty on the Bolivian Salt Flats
Myself and my friend Sara, at the Bolivian salt flats.
Ali Egypt Cliche
In Egypt, walk like… Photo of Brenton Hodgson, taken in a temple by the Nile in 2010.
We went to Paris on our trip to Europe. We visited lots of ancient buildings with lots of stairs. The Arc de Triomphe was one of them. While we paid for lift access, many places still had a number of flights of stairs. We kept on saying we wouldn't walk up another flight of stairs, but of course we did. The view at the top made it worthwhile.
China Cliche
My fiancee jumping for joy after hitting 100,000 steps on the Great Wall. Photo taken by me in 2008.
Cliche Washington
In Washington DC, 2012.
Cliche Pisa
A new take on a classic shot.
Cliche Wellington
She's got the whole world, in her… Globe in Civic Square, Wellington.
Disneyland Cliche
Fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland. The ultimate Californian Cliche.
Travel Cliche
I took a few friends around Rotorua and to Waiotapu Wonderland and Lady Know Geyser.

This competition is now closed.

As much as we love to mock travel photo clichés... we're all guilty of them. When you travel the world, sometimes you just can't resist.

Whether it's a million pictures of a sunset, a selfie, you walking down Abbey Road or holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa - we want to see your cliché masterpieces.

Travel Cliche Bolivia
“Colleen take Ingy and Irma out for some fresh air.” Taken in Bolivian Salt Flats 2007 by Paul McCloister.
Travel Cliche Sphinx
A kiss from the Sphinx... The lady in front wanted one too haha. Photo taken by Kirsty Lanham.
No. 3366 [Human touched my bottom]
My boyfriend just had to do this... surprisingly, numbers of people followed.
Travel Cliche Boulders
Taken at Moeraki Boulders in Feb 2012. My mom decided to show my dad how to pose on the Boulder. A fellow traveller couldn't resist joining in on the "competition".
Budapest art museum
What else would you do if you were in Budapest and saw a huge hand on the ground?
In the Can
Me at Madam Tussauds in Hollywood. Behind bars, with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Taken by my husband Ian McDonald.
"We would get a room but..."
Photo taken by Mandy, a friend I had met on the tour I was on. Temperature was close to 0 degs, so a lot of pain, numbness and love went into this one.
Pyramid cliche that went wrong
The all too familiar arm onto pyramids photo but done wrong and the effect is both awkward and hilarious. photo taken at the great pyramids of Giza in Cairo Egpt. photographer- local guide Muhammad
Over the edge at the Grand Canyon
Our tour guide, Jason Edwards, took this photo of my husband and I at the Grand Canyon, Arizona in the USA winter 2013. I must have been getting sick of him after travelling together for a month!
Funny what one will do to get a photo of oneself. Taken on our cruise in 2010
Glenna McGougan with a cliche photo, but extraordinary Snapchat.
Wayne's World! Excellent!
Temple of Zeus, Olympia...FAIL
Paul Bayley, guiltily trying to pull off a perspective trick at the Olympeion in Greece.
Keeping an eye on swans in Hyde Park.
Alice van der Bruggen and Andrew Marshall climbing a boot, at the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.
It's a big tower okay - it takes two.
Ollie, 2, getting into tourist mode.
Pisa! Not Pizza!
When life imitates art. Badly
Adrian Loo with a classic Ibiza selfie.
A more sinister spin on the classic Puzzling World photo.
Hear no evil; speak no evil; see no evil.
Italian Gelato
During our three month OE, my friend and I took Busabout 2012 as our travelling bus system and one of the routes took us via Pisa. We had to come up with a "different" stance in front of the Tower of Pisa. To keep up with the Italian theme I went with a "Pisan Gelato". Best and most beautiful place Italy, we spent the most time there on our OE and we'd go back again in a flash.
Cliche photo
This is my daughter, Helena, with Castlepoint, Wairarapa, in her hand.
Raven Cretney gets her Di on.
Street fight with Gundam
Next to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba, Tokyo, is a three storey tall Gundam protecting the city. Just along from the tree line is the ideal location to photo people fighting Gundam and claim the city as their own.
Jill Cattell really gets a feel for some art.
Oh, Venice.
Down, Angkor Wat, down.
By A Nose
Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
Equator straddle, Ecuador.
Straddling the Equator near Quito, Ecuador. The monument shown here us actually 300 meters north of the true equator.
Muscle Woman
Muscle woman at Wanaka's Puzzling World.
David getting a little help.
Annette McQueen on the Greenwich Mean Time Line
We thought this was original back in 2009 but after seeing a lot of friends' photos from Egypt we have realised everyone has something similar!
A smaller than usual Eiffel Tower.
Our driver as Santa Claus on top of the Christmas tree in Salar Uyuni, Bolivia.
Jess Malcolm's partner Matt taking a bite out of the lighthouse at Cape Reinga.
Trying to make David decent.
Sunset on the nose!
Sunset on the nose!
The Eiffel and me.

Send us your most clichéd travel photo and be in the running to win the Canon EOS 100D - the lightest and most compact EOS camera in the world.

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Travel Cliche_Tag
The Taj is tiny, look! One of the classic Taj Mahal shots, the other being sitting on the bench ala Princess Di which doesn't have the same impact when there are hundreds of people in the photo as well!
Travel Cliche 2
"Recently my friend and I did an amazing tour with Topdeck around Europe, we were asked to create the most creative photo of the Tower of Pisa as we could. We looked like complete eggs lying on the ground with our feet up in the air trying to line them up against the tower…I think we captured it well!"
Travel Cliche 1
In my opinion you CAN NOT got to a place like the Taj Mahal and not take this photo. Although I did feel silly and got flack from my mates. But hey when am I going to be able to do this again? Better to enjoy the cheesy cliche than regret the missed opportunity!
Travel Cliche 3
Our guide (Patricio) on a tour around the harder to reach parts of Easter Island called this the "classic Japanese trick photo location on the Island." A Japanese woman had shown him the exact spot from where to take it many years ago, and he offered to take snaps for the three of us on the tour.
Travel Cliche 4
Giving a Hongi to a statue at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Photo was taken by my local tour guide.
Travel Cliche 6
Everybody loves a good sunset and Bali is awash with people sitting in beach side bars taking snaps as the sun goes down trying to get that one shot with the right light/colouring, myself included!
Travel Cliche 7
My mother 'Gretchen Preston' and I decided to splash out and go on a Med Cruise in June 2011. We went to heaps of awesome places such as Rome, Athens, Florence, Nice, Turkey and of course Pisa. So as you can imagine we decided to be typical unimaginative tourists and go for the 'holding up tower' pic. Unfortunately mum wasn't terribly adept on the camera and there were an awful lot of tourists around so this is the best pic we got of the 'cliche' shot. Not flash at all. But we did try and sometimes is the trying that counts… isn't it?
Travel Cliche 8
Getting up close and personal with the faces at Bayon Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Travel Cliche 9
Taking a bite out of Stonehenge! I can't remember who took the photo - I was with a tour group!
Travel Cliche 9
Holly Smallwood holding a Hobbit (Bayley Smallwood) on her hand at Hobbiton, Matamata, Middle Earth, New Zealand. Awesome tour that really sparks your imagination!
Travel Cliche 10
I was trying to get Diana's immortalised image, as it is on her seat, in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra. I was being instructed by a very helpful Indian photographer, and my friend who swore she knew how Diana was sitting. unfortunately we all got it horribly wrong. It’s the thought that counts right?
Everest Travel cliche
Me in the red jacket holding the NZ Flag at Mount Everest Base Camp.
Travel Cliche Taj
Taken at Taj Mahal, Agra, India in November, 2013.
Travel Cliche Cliffs of Moher
Hang On!:Nothing more cliche(and quite original) than sending an obviously staged photo of your certain demise with terrible acting back home. While on Contiki in Ireland I visited the Cliffs of Moher, and found this little ledge to stand on and stage a fall. The photo was taken by Jeremy Saunders of Canada, a fellow Contiki traveller.
Travel Cliche Pisa Icecream
European OE 2011 - It was a hot summers day in Italy so I thought I'd treat myself an ice-cream at the Tower of Pisa... it nearly fell off the cone!
Travel Cliche Bolivia
This photo was taken on the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. It was taken by Fran Bearman,
Travel Cliche Pisa
A variation on a cliche! A few years ago, my brother and I were in Italy to meet relatives for the first time. We had to visit Pisa and were amused by all the silly-looking people with their hand in the air trying to hold it up, so we couldn't resist our own version - kicking it down!! This photo was taken with an 'old-school' 35mm Olympus camera.
Travel Cliche Gold Coast
This was taken on the Gold Coast beach in Australia by Steven in May this year. Already plenty of beautiful scenery shots were taken and so we needed to finish off with the obligatory midget-in-the-hand shot of my wife and daughter.
Travel Cliche Italy
In Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy, we came across this iconic statue, and well it didn't take long until I was swept off my feet by my friend Olena. Taken on the 28th of June 2013, by our friend Tanya.
Travel Cliche Jumping
Jumping Off the Pyramids - Yeah Right! High flyers jumping off a wall overlooking these incredible structures. It's no wonder that the Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the world. Great experience!
Travel Cliche Thinkers
The Thinkers: We spent a week in Paris this year. We visited all the clichéd places, and took lots of clichéd photos. We think the cutest is this one, taken in front of Rodin's famous Thinker, at the Rodin Museum. It was taken by Xu Xiaoying (Mama). The three other thinkers in the photo are Miya, who had just turned three six days earlier, her big sis Mulan, who is six, and Glenn Riseborough (Daddy). As you can see, the three of us are slightly blurred. The photo was taken with our old Canon PowerShot S5IS. If only we could have taken a lovely new Canon DSLR on our big Europe holiday.
lean back
When in Pisa, it was so busy at the leaning tower with everybody doing the cliche photos. We decided to go to the other side and take photos of us knocking the tower over rather then holding it up.
Wearing Mickeys hat
My son Ryan in Disney's Hollywood Studios in September wearing Mickey's sorcerers hat.
Photo comp entry
Attempting to twerk Christ the Redeemer in Rio with someone in the background doing the usual cliched arms out pose.
My sister and I
My sister and I in front of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, last year. The 'usual' photo.
Ball skills
Phil Clements balancing the silver fern ball in Wellington's Civic Square. Photo taken by Karen Clements.
Mapping it out
Took this whilst on a plane from Valencia to Madrid. I had bought a travel journal before leaving for my travels and this was one of the maps inside the journal. I had seen this done plenty of times in the past and wanted to try this cliche for myself.
leaning tower of wanaka
While visiting Wanaka's Puzzling World, I had to try and hold up the leaning tower of the puzzling world.
Taj Mahal
A twist on the classic jumping photo. This time it's in front of the Taj Mahal and there has been some confusion surrounding the protective footwear.
Where For Art Thou.
Anna Adams on the Romeo and Juliet balcony.
Cliche Travel Photos
The 'having a great time with the locals' cliche photo. This photo was taken at a small winery in Stari Grad, Croatia where we went for a wine tasting in August 2013. The photo was taken by Jonathan Semmens.
Boom! Castle of São Jorge, Lisbon (Lisboa), Portugal July 2009. Photo taken by Bryce Ricketts.
Photo compertition Auckland Habour Bridge
Janine Carey on a boat in Auckland Habour 'touching' the Habour Bridge.
Love in Paris
My friend Summer and I outside the Lourve in Paris.
Rainbow Girl
Rocio the rainbow girl in Cathedral Cove
James Coad in Hong Kong
Photograph of James Coad in Hong Kong. Photo by Chris Coad
Balancing Rock Utah
Our son carried around a rugby ball in a whole year of student exchange in Utah. This is a cliche photo of him at the "Balancing Rock", Arches National Park Utah.
Maya bay aka "The Beach"
Photo taken by a kind backpacker, July 2013 at Maya Bay aka "The Beach", Thailand. Doing the classic jump in the air, as in the end of the movie.
My husband outside Puzzle World in Wanaka, a place where millions of tourists pose with the leaning tower of Wanaka.
Holding up the Harbour Bridge
This is me holding up the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I took it when I was travelling with my Mum, I live in New Zealand and she lives in the UK. We meet up every year to go travelling. She took the photo. She will be very proud to win.
Hey mum! Did you get it that time!?
After about 10 unsuccessful attempts (and some pretty unflattering mid-air shots), Mum managed to capture this cliche masterpiece. Taken in Queenstown, NZ. Photo: Elizabeth Bolland
Pyramidal Perfection
Taken at the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo a couple of years ago by our Dad (Anil), this is your typical tourist photo gone hilariously wrong.
International Kung-fu at Pisa
Here's my most cliche travel photo from my recent trip around Europe in October. The classic 'holding up the tower' look as I joined in the swarms of people doing the same, it looked like one giant Kung-fu class! Photo is of me and was taken by Emma Nicklin.
Photo Competition: cliched travel snaps
Me 'leaning' on the leaning tower of Pisa, Italy
Taj mahal
Me attempting a cliched jumping photo in front of the Taj Mahal.
Travel Cliche USA
Trying to look cool by putting part of your body in four states at the same time. The photo was taken by my father, Peter Nichols, during a 9 month road trip around the USA.
Uyuni Salt Flats (Human Centipede
Clowning around of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. After a three-day 4x4 tour of lakes, mountains and other crazy scenery at high altitude, arriving on to the salt flats it was time to take some total tourist photos. We all love them, especially at this place!
Travel Cliche Louvre
Chasing the Da Vinci Code: This photo was taken in Paris in August 2013 when my boyfriend and I decided to escape on a 5 week whirl-wind tour of Europe. The photo was taken by Grant Davidson.
Touching noses at Angkor Wat
Our local tour guide insisted on taking this photo with each of us in turn when we are at Bayon temple at Angkor Wat, Cambodia. He acted at the time like it was an original idea of his, but I've since learned otherwise!
Travel Cliche laos
Travel is thirsty work! Photo taken in near Luang Prabang, Laos at the Kuang Si Falls in July 2010 by Chelsea Blair.

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Travel cliche
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