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Travel cliches: Leaning tower of toddler

01:49, Nov 20 2013
Travel Cliche Bolivia
“Colleen take Ingy and Irma out for some fresh air.” Taken in Bolivian Salt Flats 2007 by Paul McCloister.
Travel Cliche Sphinx
A kiss from the Sphinx... The lady in front wanted one too haha. Photo taken by Kirsty Lanham.
No. 3366 [Human touched my bottom]
My boyfriend just had to do this... surprisingly, numbers of people followed.
Travel Cliche Boulders
Taken at Moeraki Boulders in Feb 2012. My mom decided to show my dad how to pose on the Boulder. A fellow traveller couldn't resist joining in on the "competition".
Budapest art museum
What else would you do if you were in Budapest and saw a huge hand on the ground?
In the Can
Me at Madam Tussauds in Hollywood. Behind bars, with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Taken by my husband Ian McDonald.
"We would get a room but..."
Photo taken by Mandy, a friend I had met on the tour I was on. Temperature was close to 0 degs, so a lot of pain, numbness and love went into this one.
Pyramid cliche that went wrong
The all too familiar arm onto pyramids photo but done wrong and the effect is both awkward and hilarious. photo taken at the great pyramids of Giza in Cairo Egpt. photographer- local guide Muhammad
Over the edge at the Grand Canyon
Our tour guide, Jason Edwards, took this photo of my husband and I at the Grand Canyon, Arizona in the USA winter 2013. I must have been getting sick of him after travelling together for a month!
Funny what one will do to get a photo of oneself. Taken on our cruise in 2010
Glenna McGougan with a cliche photo, but extraordinary Snapchat.
Wayne's World! Excellent!
Temple of Zeus, Olympia...FAIL
Paul Bayley, guiltily trying to pull off a perspective trick at the Olympeion in Greece.
Keeping an eye on swans in Hyde Park.
Alice van der Bruggen and Andrew Marshall climbing a boot, at the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.
It's a big tower okay - it takes two.
Ollie, 2, getting into tourist mode.
Pisa! Not Pizza!
When life imitates art. Badly
Adrian Loo with a classic Ibiza selfie.
A more sinister spin on the classic Puzzling World photo.
Hear no evil; speak no evil; see no evil.
Italian Gelato
During our three month OE, my friend and I took Busabout 2012 as our travelling bus system and one of the routes took us via Pisa. We had to come up with a "different" stance in front of the Tower of Pisa. To keep up with the Italian theme I went with a "Pisan Gelato". Best and most beautiful place Italy, we spent the most time there on our OE and we'd go back again in a flash.
Cliche photo
This is my daughter, Helena, with Castlepoint, Wairarapa, in her hand.
Raven Cretney gets her Di on.
Street fight with Gundam
Next to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Odaiba, Tokyo, is a three storey tall Gundam protecting the city. Just along from the tree line is the ideal location to photo people fighting Gundam and claim the city as their own.
Jill Cattell really gets a feel for some art.
Oh, Venice.
Down, Angkor Wat, down.
By A Nose
Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
Equator straddle, Ecuador.
Straddling the Equator near Quito, Ecuador. The monument shown here us actually 300 meters north of the true equator.
Muscle Woman
Muscle woman at Wanaka's Puzzling World.
David getting a little help.
Annette McQueen on the Greenwich Mean Time Line
We thought this was original back in 2009 but after seeing a lot of friends' photos from Egypt we have realised everyone has something similar!
A smaller than usual Eiffel Tower.
Our driver as Santa Claus on top of the Christmas tree in Salar Uyuni, Bolivia.
Jess Malcolm's partner Matt taking a bite out of the lighthouse at Cape Reinga.
Trying to make David decent.
Sunset on the nose!
Sunset on the nose!
The Eiffel and me.

Our latest photo competition calls for entries that feature readers in those cliché poses at travel spots. We couldn't help but giggle at this entry from  Amelia Fisher-Starzynski.

We were visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa earlier this year and my 2-year-old Ollie was sitting in his pram, watching intently as all the tourists took the obligatory 'I'm holding up the tower' shot from very conceivable angle.

After about 15 minutes of walking around he suddenly insisted on being let out of his pram and held atop one of the small fence pillars.

Ollie, 2, getting into tourist mode.

The second he got up there he immediately held out his arms unprompted and we managed to take a quick photo. Priceless. 

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