Travel cliches: Leaning tower of toddler

Last updated 14:30 20/11/2013
Amelia Fisher-Starzynski
Ollie, 2, getting into tourist mode.
Sunset on the nose!
Annabel Burt Zoom
Sunset on the nose!

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Our latest photo competition calls for entries that feature readers in those cliché poses at travel spots. We couldn't help but giggle at this entry from  Amelia Fisher-Starzynski.

We were visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa earlier this year and my 2-year-old Ollie was sitting in his pram, watching intently as all the tourists took the obligatory 'I'm holding up the tower' shot from very conceivable angle.

After about 15 minutes of walking around he suddenly insisted on being let out of his pram and held atop one of the small fence pillars.

The second he got up there he immediately held out his arms unprompted and we managed to take a quick photo. Priceless. 

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