How do I travel solo?

Last updated 13:48 17/03/2014
Solo travel Landscape

SOLO TRAVEL: There are more opportunities for women who want to travel, whether it’s solo or with a group.

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There is no reason why being alone should confine you to the armchair version of travel. The simplest answer is to sign up for a group tour.

Travelling in a group gives you the confidence you need to bravely sally forth into a foreign land, it overcomes the difficulties of language, provides support when you need it and you'll never find yourself dining alone. There are also several tour operators that now offer women-only tours, with themes that range from hardcore adventure trips to shopping and spa treatments in Bali.

Guided tours also a great way to meet like-minded travellers, both men and women, because chances are you will not be the only one travelling solo. There is not one group tour that I have done over the past 10 years that did not include several women travelling alone, and that includes a motorbike ride in India's Himalaya region.

Group travel can also be a launch pad for further solitary adventures. There is nothing quite so liberating as the discovery that the world is not nearly as frightening as it seems when you're at home watching the evening news.

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