Look before you leap

Sky dive

JOSH MARTIN - © Fairfax NZ News

Put your adrenalin thresholds to the test in an action-packed weekend in the Far North.

Adelaide to Brisbane

Del and Cindy Henley

Del and Cindy are celebrating their golden anniversary by cycling 3000km across Australia.

5 extreme activities


Bungy jumping not for you? Fear not, there are other 'extreme' activities you can do, with a lower fear factor.

On the high (cold) seas

Antarctic expedition ship MV Ushuaia.

OPINION: Today's cruising schedule: the weather will be a little brisk, with temperatures from -15 degrees to -6.

A thrillseeker's paradise

cook Islands Rarotonga

There's more to Rarotonga than honeymooning couples, here's how to find the ultimate adrenalin rush.

The fear factors


The sharks are friendly, they're Fijian. Right? Right? Ben Groundwater goes adventuring.

White knuckle ride

Patrick Ortlieb

Skiing's furious flock to the Madloch descent, 'a tougher proposition than many a World Cup downhill race'.

Life on the edge

Rooftop tour

The Upplev Mer rooftop tour is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Not your average souvenirs

Snow globe

While others might head for the famous sights you will find me at the local flea market.

Travel is good for you


If researchers say travel "is a restorative behaviour with an independent positive effect on health"- who are we to argue?

Here today, gone tomorrow

Dead sea

From the Galapagos to the Great Barrier Reef, there are some destinations you can't keep putting off for a visit.

Wolf-watching in Yellowstone


Yellowstone National Park's wolves are among the most tracked and studied in the world.

The best way to see a country

Mandalay Strap

There are huge positives to this form of travel, but the locals will think you're an idiot.

Cling of the Mountain

Mount Gower

Sir David Attenborough once described this island as "so extraordinary it is almost unbelievable".

A web of wonders

Puerto Rico Cave

As we felt our way through the blackness, I noticed a shadowy spot on a cave wall.

Six of the best: desert camps


Draw back the curtains - or tent flap - at any of these desert camps and wait for the adventure to begin.

Meet the travel nutters

Scuba Diver Strap

You meet nutters of all descriptions when you travel - they have an obsessive look about them.

Diving with sharks

Bahamas shark Strap

We splashed into the clear waters off Grand Bahama Island and immediately saw them.

Epic walk across the world

Paul Salopek Strap

Paul Salopek is walking from Ethiopia to Chile, a 7-year journey that aims to reproduce man’s global migration.

Travelling by man power

Rob Bell

Rob Bell used 25 different forms of transport to travel across several continents.