Who should win a trip to Antarctica?

FINALISTS: Tony Tizzard, Ben Paris and Alyssa Langford are competing to win a trip to Antarctica.

A geologist, a photographer and NZ Batman are amongst finalists hoping to win a trip to Antarctica.

Beauty awaits

REMOTE REGIONS: This rugged region was the last part of the continental United States to be mapped, and it requires work for those wanting to see its treasures.

There are risks and rewards of travel in isolated places like the Escalante.

Action stations

ON TOP OF THE WORLD: Mountain bikers on top of the Remarkables with a view over Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown.

Don't leave home until you've ticked these essential homegrown experiences off your bucket list.

Is Antarctica on your list?

RARE TREAT: Being surrounded by penguins in Antarctica makes the challenges of sea travel worthwhile. (Pictured are Adelie Penguins at Commonwealth Bay.)

Visiting Antarctica might be on your bucket list, but what is a ship voyage to the ice like?

Channel your inner Jack Sparrow

NOT JUST A MYTH: From stolen Aztec gold to missing European art work, there are a few legendary treasures at large, waiting to be found.

While there are legendary pirate booties still floating around, troves of valuable items still await claim.

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