Cold at the top

SNOW COVERED: On top of Mount Wellington

It may be summer but it's snowing on Mount Wellington when a group of cyclists begin their hair-raising descent.

Australia's top 10 cycling trips

Rotorua: Try not to scream

The swoop is described as a "swing bungy".

Rotorua. Geysers and hot pools right? Well yes, but there's also speed, adrenalin, engines, mud, sweat and a whole lot of screaming.

NZ trail among world's best hikes

STROLL THROUGH PARADISE: A view of Lake Constance on the Te Araroa Trail.

New Zealand has one of the world's best hikes, according to National Geographic. 

Full of heavenly adventures gallery

People getting into their sea kayaks near shore.

Crawl off the beach towel and there are opportunities on many Pacific islands for unique adventure activities.

Finding peace in Patagonia

FINDING PEACE: Hiking paths in Chilea€™s Torres del Paine National Park.

We shivered, and I thought about the infinity of the landscape and the intimacy of our tent.

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