'Nothing can go wrong after take-off'

Toby Segar  gets ready to perform a death-defying backflip on the edge of a spot once dubbed the 'scariest instagram spot on earth'.

Thrill seeking adventurer performs electrifying cliff-edge back flip for fun.

Top 10 spots to take a dip

Snorkeling in Jellyfish lake, Palau.

From floating underground to splashing around at the top of a precipice, take on these dips with a difference.

Watch: Cliff diving off the Amalfi Coast video

Team Supertramp on the Amalfi Coast.

Youtube star Devan Graham is back with an incredible video that will have you booking the next flight out to Italy.

How travel can change you for life

A portrait in Havana of Che Guevara, one of the world's most famous travellers.

His journey would end with a government overthrown, worldwide infamy, and with death deep in the Bolivian jungle.

A new adventure every day

On a cruising holiday, every day is different - one day you could be in the bright lights of a city, the next on sandy beaches.

The world is mostly water. So a cruise makes perfect sense.

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