Sleeping in Shackleton's sleeping bag

John Hurt in the lead role of the Cry of the Penguins.

Oliver Sullivan spent part of the sixties chasing penguins, leaping between ice floes, and sleeping in an Antarctic hero's sleeping bag.

Kiwi's 12,000km rowing adventure

Grant "Axe" Rawlinson is aiming to row and ride from Singapore to New Zealand.

The epic journey involves heat rash, pizza bum and waking up at 2am to put on wet clothes.

Being the token Kiwi on hippie bus

Bevvies before dinner in Joshua Tree National Park.

To be clear, I wouldn't choose to share a bed with 39 strangers under ordinary circumstances.

Volcano vid will singe your eyebrows video

Explorers used a Google Street View Trekker to obtain 360-degree imagery of the lake.

Who did Google call when it wanted someone to teeter on the edge of a massive lava lake? A Kiwi staffer, of course.

Best journeys have element of risk

A truly great journey is inspirational, emotional and transformational as much as it is physical.

A great journey begins and ends with the desire to confront "unknowns".

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