Ed Stafford goes way off the beaten track video

The explorer says he endured 50,000 mosquito bites while becoming the first man to walk the Amazon.

Ed Stafford made it to some of the world's most remote and inaccessible places for his new series, Into the Unknown.

Beautiful creatures of the big blue

A harp seal pup takes its first swim.

Leading National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry shares his underwater adventure stories.

Top celeb travel pics gallery

Victoria Secret Girls just wanna have fun

Celebrities always seem to be on holiday. Checkout some of their top travel pictures of the week.

Fancy a trip to Dead Dog Island? gallery

Dead Dog Island, Killarney, Canada. Where old dogs go to die?

An Instagram account is turning travel on its head by highlighting some of the saddest places on Earth.

Answering the impossible

Mt Fuji in Japan is a sight to behold. Is there anything more ancient or mystical?

Of all the questions a travel writer is asked, this one is the most difficult to answer.

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