'We're on top of the whale!'

Last updated 10:08 25/07/2014

Two kayakers were surrounded ever so calmly, then hoisted onto the back of a whale.

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This post originally appeared on Mashable.

Two kayakers in Argentina came in extremely close contact with a few southern right whales before their boat was lifted up by one of the mammals.

The kayakers were paddling through a marine sanctuary near Puerto Madryn as they reached a pod of whales.

They were surrounded ever so calmly, then hoisted onto the back of a whale.

The duo captured the event on a GoPro camera and uploaded the incredible footage to YouTube (although Mashable could not independently confirm the veracity of the footage).

One of the kayakers can even be heard yelling in Spanish saying, "We're on top of the whale, we're on top of the whale!" It's the YOLO version of "We're on a boat."

(Thanks to Reddit for the translation.)

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