Teens take world's scariest selfie video

Three students have gone to sickening lengths to take the world's scariest selfie in Hong Kong.

Three students have gone to sickening lengths to take the world's scariest selfie in Hong Kong.

What starts as an innocuous video of three friends snacking on bananas turns into a shocking display of daredevilry as the camera is panned across the surrounding view of Hong Kong, 346 metres below them.

The video footage was taken from one of the city's towering spires, The Centre skyscraper, the fifth tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong.

Chief photographer Daniel Lau used a 'selfie stick' to capture the dizzying footage, using a wide-angle camera lens mounted on the stick.

His two mates, shown devouring bananas at the beginning of the video, are fellow photographers Andrew Tso and A.S.

More than 375,000 people have viewed the video since it was posted to YouTube last week.

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Climbing to the top of skyscrapers to take selfies has become a recent trend, most recently when 31 year old Lee Thompson took 'the world's first selfie with Jesus'.

Thompson took what was described as the 'ultimate selfie' after he climbed Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue to take his photo with Jesus.

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While the statue was under repair after being struck by lightening, he convinced the Brazil tourist board to allow him and his friend, Oliver Harvey, to take photos from the top of Brazil's iconic statue.

Thompson's argument for the stunt was that selfies were a 'powerful medium through which we can share our perspectives.'

The trend of taking photos on top of skyscrapers has taken off in Russia and Ukraine, where 'skywalkers' or 'rooftoppers', as they call themselves, dangle themselves from buildings, cranes and construction sites to take selfies and share online.

The stunts are carried out without safety nets, just a friend in charge of photographing the death-defying mission.

 - Sydney Morning Herald


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