World's best private beaches gallery

Vlasoff Cay, Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef has dozens of tiny specks on the map that are usually only accessible to chartered yachts. The great exception is Vlasoff Cay, which is half an hour off the coast of Cairns by helicopter, where guests get the little sandy hump in the sea to themselves.

Want to enjoy the beach, without the crowds? Here's where you're guaranteed the whole beach to yourself.

A guide to island getaways

Italy's best hidden beaches

Things to do in Fiji

NATADOLA BEACH: It's heralded as the island's best beach.

This island nation, with its clear waters and white beaches, is a Kiwi favourite.

Italy's best hidden beaches

Italy, Tuscany, Elba island, Portoferraio, beach.

Beyond Italy's famous shorelines, there are spectacular hidden beaches that you’ll have all to yourself.

A guide to island getaways

EMBRACE AND OWN IT: Travelling on your own doesn't mean you can't take island holidays.

The secret to having a perfect island getaway on your own.

Buying an island

Sanna66 via Wikimedia Commons
ISLAND FOR SALE: I just recently noticed that Isola di Mal Ventre was for sale.

It would be pet-friendly. Except for snakes. Indigenous ones could live there, but they'd have to wear bells.

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