A forgotten private island paradise

It certainly needs to photoshopping.

It takes forever to get to this tiny speck in the ocean, but it's worth every second of travel.

Paradise for you, hell for me

Many people are now going to exotic places to do yoga, rather than drink beer.

Ah, paradise. It's all about swaying palm trees and white sand beaches. Or is it?

Tropical treats in the Whitsundays video

Viewing the Great Barrier Reef from the air will give you a whole new perspective on the astonishing size and beauty of the natural wonder.

The Great Barrier's famous islands offer relaxation aplenty, but when you're told to hold on for the ride it's best to take it seriously.

Stuck in Bali? Time to party

No flight home? No worries!

Hundreds of tourists have been stranded in Bali, not that you'd know judging by their Instagram pictures.

When hotel pictures lie gallery

Sometimes all is not what it seems when you are looking at a hotel online.

We recently learned that hotel stars can’t be trusted, but you probably shouldn’t fall for their photos, either.

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