Stunning country no one visits

The private island of Quilalea, on a marine sanctuary, is a short helicopter or boat ride from mainland Mozambique.

The white sand beaches of Mozambique have more coconut palms than people on them.

Dawn waves ease troubled souls

Salt water therapy can be effective in helping to "free the funk" from mental health issues.

"One wave is all it takes to free the funk," mental-health awareness-raising event organiser SJ Cansdale says.

The best water in the world video

The Maldives is one of the travel destinations around the world worth visiting for its crystal clear waters.

If your idea of a good holiday is lounging in - or on - crystal clear water, look no further.

Perfect Thai beach no-one knows about

A motorbike, bus, taxi and two longtail boats later, you'll arrive in paradise, with no Western partygoers.

A motorbike, bus, taxi and longtail boats later, you'll arrive in paradise, devoid of Western partygoers.

Want to hand-feed a stingray? gallery video

Lynette Smith says hello to her mate Brutus who has popped up for a feed.

An Auckland marina where you can hand-feed snapper, kingfish and stingrays.

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