Must-have beach essentials

21:09, Sep 17 2013
From catwalk to kitchen
BEACH TOWEL: Large, luxurious and colourful! The more oversized, the better. This one is by Karen Walker.
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JANDALS: To avoid that horrible affliction known as sand burn, the doctor can describe only one thing.
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SUNGLASSES: And while we're on the topic of protection, a large pair of sunglasses will not only add a touch of mystery to your sun bathing self - it will keep your eyes shielded from that bright sun.
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COVER-UP: This one is based around safety, Slip Slop Slap and Wrap! In this instance, slip into a sexy beach coverup, protect your shoulders and most of your skin. And look gorgeous!
Beach essentials
MAGAZINE/ TRASHY BOOK: While some may like to stare wistfully out sea, contemplating life, when it comes to soaking up the sun on the beach they only way to do it is with a mind full celebrity gossip and tips on how to perfect that tan line.
Beach essentials
DEODORANT: In that hot summer sun, you don't need to be exercising to work up a bit of a sweat. Depending on the crowdedness of your beach it may not matter so much, but you don't want to go through all this effort to look oh-so-beach-chic only to smell like a rugby changing room.
Beach essentials
BEACH PILLOW: Because reading a book looking directly skyward isn't comfy, nor good for the eyes.
Beach essentials
SUN BLOCK: This goes without saying - never expose your skin to harmful UV rays without the appropriate protection. No tan is worth melanoma.
Beach essentials
CHILLED REFRESHING DRINK: If your reading this and you're under 18, then what could be nicer than a thermos of ice water with mint and cucumber thrown in? If you're over 18, go on, throw a bit of Pimms and Pineapple juice in there. Divine!
Beach essentials
HAIR TREATMENT/PROTECTOR: While sun damage in your hair won't necessarily land you with skin cancer, it will land you with manky hair. Never a good look - and so we love Kerestase Huile Celeste. It's a protective spray that limits the negative effects of the sun, surf and sand, all the while adding a brilliant shine to your beach-ready locks.
Beach essentials
COOLING GEL: If you do go a bit overboard on sun, then after sun is key to re-hydrate and soothe your skin. We love Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Cooling Gel. But again, prevention is the best protection! Don't you forget it.
Beach essentials
WIDE-BRIMMED HAT: Because you can't emulate Sophia Loren without one.

We are so near to seeing the light at the end of the wintery tunnel, we can almost feel the sand beneath our toes.

And it's never too early to be prepared for the tropical beach holidays and bright, sunny weather that await us.

Check out our gallery above for the 12 must-have beach essentials for any sun-worshipper.