Top money saving travel trick

Beautiful view of famous Greek churches in the mediterranean island of Santorini

There is nothing more tedious than scouring the internet trying to find the best priced holiday.

Man lands luxury flight for $8

Brian Kelly, also known as "The Points Guy" travels the world in first class for (almost) free using frequent flyer miles and credit card point.

Sick of cattle class? Here's how this guy managed to score a seat in the lap of luxury.

When planes are cheaper than trains

Jordon Cox at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin during his stopover.

Jordon Cox says he slashed $17 off his train fare by taking an international flight home.

Clever flight booking tip

Looking to book internal flights? Use this clever hack.

You could save hundreds by using this clever hack when booking flights.

Good luck renting these places gallery

This mushroom dome shaped cabin is hidden in the woods in Aptos, California.

Airbnb is growing in popularity, but there are some places you will probably never get to rent.

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