The transparent tent that lets you sleep beneath the stars

The Bubble Tent provides a portable glamping experience.

The Bubble Tent provides a portable glamping experience.

If you've ever wanted to experience a night beneath the stars while still enjoying some degree of comfort, this could be the tent for you.

With its completely transparent walls, the Bubble Tent provides the best of both worlds - it's ideal for stargazing, while at the same time providing just enough shelter to protect campers from the elements (or the creepy crawlies). 

Made from PVC, the tent is said to be both water-proof and fire-retardant. It comes with a blower, which is used to inflate it, and when puffed up to its full glory boasts a four-metre diameter, easily sleeping two people.


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It also has a metre-long hallway, just, you know, in case you have any visitors. Though it's not like you wouldn't see them coming from within your very own personal goldfish bowl.


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The tents are available on Amazon and from $1098 (NZ$1654), which may seem steep considering you're paying for absolutely no privacy.

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But let's face it, you're also paying for unlimited five-star views. 

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