Photographer seeks mystery couple

Mike Yaras captured this photo of a newlywed couple at Yosemite National Park.

He captured this stunning shot of a bride and groom - now he wants to know who they are.

Prague to Colorado for Tinder date

Veronika Doleželová with her Tinder match Bryan Davis.

They matched 12 hours before his flight departed so she flew across the world for their first meeting.

Couple's magical mid-air marriage

Nathaly Eichand Jürgen Bogner got married on an Austrian Airlines flight to Greece.

When we think of perfect places to wed, an airplane is not it. But this wild romantic gesture is actually charming.

Hotel package for the heartbroken

A hotel package offers all you need: ice cream, wine and a makeover.

The "I Will Survive" package is designed for the newly single, with promises of wine, ice-cream and a makeover.

Bisexual at home, lesbian abroad

The writer says she is already going out on a limb by travelling alone and doesn't want to add the threat of sexual violence.

Woman says that men can be a liability that she is not willing to risk when alone in a foreign place.

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