Five teenagers charged over sexual allegations in Opotiki... More soon

Love is in the air video

Allen Froese gets down on one knee midflight and proposes to Leah Miller.

It was probably the most mortifying moment in her entire life - but she still said yes.

Falling in love on a Contiki tour

Relationships will often blossom during the shared experience of travel.

What happens when a holiday romance turns into something more?

Do travellers cheat more?

Would the postcode rule apply to you if you went away on a big adventure?

It's amazing the effect three beers and the freedom of adventure will have on a person, writes Ben Groundwater.

Travelling through the dark

The smells, tastes and textures of a city tell their own story to a blind traveller

"It's the simplest tasks we take for granted" One traveller recounts what it is like to travel blind.

Wanderlust leaves woman loveless

Alyssa Ramos has written a blog on how travel has destroyed her love life.

For many people, travelling to far flung places is the ultimate dream, but for one woman, it came at a cost.

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