5 ideas for a romantic weekend gallery

4 Ride a stallion

You know those Nicholas Sparks type movies with the horse-riding on the beach at sunset scene? That could be you. Companies across the country offer romantic horse trekking experiences. Surf & Turf in Raglan has a whole range, from sunset rides to swimming with horses.

Keen on a romantic Kiwi getaway? Give these five ideas some thought.

Forget romantic cities, give me sexy

PASSIONATE: Tango on the streets of Buenos Aires.

I find Venice and Paris melancholy, but Rome, Marrakesh and Barcelona? They're what Valentines should be about.

Where is NZ's capital of romance?

CAPITAL OF LOVE: The natural beauty and array of recreation options also makes Queenstown a popular spot for couples.

Lusty minibreakers are expected to flock this Valentine's Day to the most romantic destination in New Zealand.

No saucy 50 Shades of Grey act

LOCKS OF LOVE: A combination picture shows thousand of padlocks clipped by lovers on the fence of the Pont des Arts over the River Seine in Paris.

Paris will be overrun with couples this Valentine's weekend, looking to lock down their love for all eternity.

Holiday romances: Have you had one?

HOLIDAY ROMANCES: It's easy to fall in love when you're overseas.

Ah, holiday romance: it’s beautiful, it’s exotic, it’s exhilarating… And it’s usually bound for disaster.

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