Adelaide to Brisbane by bike

Last updated 05:10 10/04/2014
Del and Cindy Henley

EXPERIENCED: Del and Cindy Henley conquered the Nullarbor Plain between Perth and Adelaide in 2012.

Del and Cindy Henley
Caralise Trayes
AUSTRALIAN RIDEABOUTS : Orewa’s Del and Cindy Henley are on an adventure, riding from Adelaide to Brisbane.b

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Adventurers Del and Cindy Henley are celebrating 50 years of marriage by cycling 3000km from Adelaide to Brisbane.

The Auckland residents have embarked on a huge journey that could take up to 90 days to complete.

''We decided while we are still fit and able we would do it,'' Cindy says.

The 73-year-olds are both retired teachers.

Del has already conquered New Zealand on a bicycle, riding from Cape Reinga to Bluff in 27 days in 2011 to help fundraise for a bowling club in the suburb of Orewa where he lives.

He got hooked on cycling and Cindy decided to give it a go also. The couple spent 43 days riding 3200kms  from Perth to Adelaide via the Nullarbor Plains in 2012.

''It was fun. We got so used to being on the move that it felt strange to stop and have a day exploring somewhere. I did get a very sore bum, especially when we had to ride 140km one of the days,'' Cindy says.

The golden anniversary Adelaide to Brisbane trip was originally due to start in March but was postponed when  Cindy broke her arm after a crash during a training ride on Wainui Rd two days before Christmas.

The chain came off her bike and she was thrown into a ditch.

''Recovery has taken a lot longer than we thought. I said that as soon as I could move my thumb we could go. I started moving it two weeks ago, so we rebooked everything straight away,'' Cindy says.

The Henleys left for Adelaide on Wednesday with their bikes and 23kg bike-trailers.

They will cover around 40km a day on the long-haul journey across Australia.

''I'm having nightmares about Lavers Hill which is a 20km uphill climb on Ocean Road between Melbourne and Sydney,'' Cindy says.

The daily routine includes getting up before light, eating breakfast, packing up camp, and getting on the bike. ''Usually we finish riding for the day at 1pm and look for our next stop, unpack, wash, and eat, then it's dark and we want to sleep,'' Del says.

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