Colombia - beyond the drugs

Colombian farmers called "Arrieros" walk with their mules along a street in Medellin. Arrieros from all over the country ...

We took a family trip to the capital of a notorious former drug cartel. And it was OK.

Top spots for the school holidays

Surfers Paradise in Australia is a popular school holiday travel destination for families.

Exchange rates, new flight routes and even Brexit are luring families further afield.

Travelling while pregnant?

Make sure you check with your doctor before booking a holiday.

Make sure you read these top five tips to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Can you trust resort child minders?

A kids' club ski group at Club Med Hokkaido.

It's great to drop the children at the kids' club but what are the regulations surrounding child care?

Passenger screams back at baby video

No one likes a crying baby on a plane.

As the wailing child made his way to his seat, a fellow flyer gave him a taste of his own medicine.

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