Want a job as a beer taster?

Here's the catch: The Smithsonian is looking for a pro historian and/or scholar.

Want to travel across America and drink beer all day? Secure the job and do all this for $90,000 a year.

Airplane food donated to the hungry

Untouched, first-class meals are given to those in need.

Airlines are teaming up with a food organisation to reduce waste and give untouched, first-class meals to those in need.

Diner accidentally pays $1.9m for curry

The customer typed in the wrong amount when paying for his curry.

A customer accidentally paid $1.9 million for a meal at an Indian restaurant - and incredibly, the payment went through.

Street food stalls get Michelin star

Hawker Chan Hong Meng earned a Michelin star for his soya sauce chicken rice and noodle.

Some dishes cost just $2.50 but these two street food stalls have just been awarded a star by Michelin.

Where the hip hang in Hong Kong

The barman at the uber-cool Foxglove in Hong Kong.

They say Hong Kong has 13,000 restaurants, making dining there a mystifying smorgasbord of ever-changing options.

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