This is no ordinary cafe

Platter from Local Bites Cafe, Dubai.

Even most locals have never eaten food quite like this.

Q&A: Wellington On a Plate director Sarah Meikle

Sarah Meikle, director of the Wellington On a Plate Festival.

As Wellington on a Plate kicks off its director talks weird, wonderful, and thought-provoking food.

Best places in the world for coffee

Ten Belles cafe in Paris, France.

With the help of our expert caffeine-addled panel, we've compiled the ultimate list of cafes to visit when travelling overseas.

Testing gutsy tastes in Madrid

Participants on the Madrid Food Tour spend four hours sampling dishes that range from shrimp and eggplant to mushrooms and baby squid.

"The best stuffed mushroom in Madrid," or so I'm told, is in a cramped restaurant on a side street.

Top 10 tips for eating in the US

Consider sharing a plate if you do not want to be overfed with giant size meals.

From how to save your dollars to asking for a doggy bag, here are a few tips on surviving dining out in the US.

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