Eight of the world's weirdest foods video

A man looks at sticks of deep-fried scorpions after buying it from a food stall in Beijing

What's the weirdest thing you've eaten overseas? Here are the strangest things I've taste tested.

Eat your way around the world

Christmas Markets: 6 treats

Why Chinese street food rules

5 secrets about airline food

INFLIGHT FEAST: Singapore Airlines' economy meal.

Why is the coffee so bad on planes? Five things you always wanted to know about airline food (but were afraid to ask).

Christmas Markets: 6 treats gallery

Mulled wine

Our adventures through the Christmas Markets of Europe were a culinary quest with high and lows.

Hawker food steps up to the plate

Rickshaw noodles, Clifford Pier Restaurant.

A new generation of upmarket hawker food is transforming Singapore's dining landscape.

Best Viennese coffeehouses gallery

Cafe Hawelka: Tucked into a laneway in Vienna's Innere Stadt (old town) is one of its favourite coffeehouses. Cafe Leopold Hawelka has long been a meeting place for artists and writers and has a relaxed yet gloomy charm. Settle into one of its striped velvet booths by the window and linger over a "cafe melange" (an espresso with steamed milk, topped with whipped cream), which comes with a glass of water and a teaspoon on top, a Viennese tradition. There are newspapers to read (some in English) and when it's time to leave, your bow-tied waiter will simply add up your bill in his head and give you change from his belt-purse.

Long the meeting places of writers and thinkers, they offer an instant fix of caffeine, chocolate and cream...

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