Your traveller's guide to world food

Last updated 15:00 29/09/2014
PIZZA PERFECTION: A traditional margherita Naples-style.

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From eating century egg in Singapore's China town, to snake penis whiskey in Vietnam, travellers are often pretty adventurous when it comes to food. They also know where to go to eat the most authentic local cuisine. 

Do you have the scoop on the best pizza joint in Naples? Or where to find the perfect banh mi in Hanoi? Maybe you know of a local joint that serves up the most authentic butter chicken you've ever tasted?

From the weird and wacky, to the downright delicious, we want to hear about all the food gems that have made your travels worth it.

Hit the big green button to tell us all about the places food-loving travellers should visit. As usual, we're looking for more than 200 words - and a photo if you've got one.

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