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Taste of travel: Cannoli in Rome

16:00, Oct 12 2013
Phat Burger, Phat America
Phat Burger, in America.
Travel tastes - at a pinch
These crabs were nicely presented, complete with red string, on a Shanghai Airport food counter.
Pusan Night Market
This pic was taken while wondering through the busy, colourful and chaotic night market in Pusan in South Korea.
Taste is everything
A fruitful table centre piece on Independence of the Seas cruise ship
Now that's fish'n'chips.
McDonaghs Fish and Chip bar in Galway, October 2007. A top feed of fish 'n' chips... and loved the mushy peas.
Treats from Paris
This delicious tea was enjoyed at the famous Angelina's in Paris. We didn't get to finish either of them - too rich! Very beautiful to look at though.
Turkish Delight
A sample of all the Turkish Delight and Nougat in this amazing place, the spice markets in Istanbul. The aromas were just incredible.
Snails in garlic butter
Ice cold chocolate milkshake
No need to leave the country to enjoy the taste of travel. Gypsy enjoys the local cuisine after swimming at Ocean Beach, Hawke's Bay.
Travel photo competition
Food at Chang Pier market, Bangkok
Cook Island Seafood Platter
Seafood platter in Rarotonga.
Chocolat Eclair
This became our favourite stop on the way to exploring Paris from our Hostel in September 2012 - Boulangerie Pâtisserie Delecroix on Rue de Dunkerque across from Gare du Nord. They make the most delicious chocolat mousse filled éclair! Photo by Aidan Saunders.
Pink and Posh
A display of high tea delights in one of Melbourne's laneways. August, 2013.
Photo competition entry: the taste of travel
The spicy depths of an authentic Shichuan hot pot in Chengdu, China
Snails anyone?
My sister Julia trying escargot for the first time in Montmartre, Paris. It wasn't the worst taste ever but I don't think I will be trying it again any time soon!
FOOD WIN: Grining from ear to ear as I'm about to devour this massive lobster.
Kaikoura crayfish
Celebrating an anniversary in style on the side of the road next to Nin's Bin in Kaikoura, Wayne says it's best not to leave home 'til you've seen your own country.
Iranian pomegranate chicken
Typical Iranian meals of pomegranate chicken, saffron rice and fresh trout. It was cheap too with these dishes, plus sides and drinks for about $7.
Tacos de Adobada
Intense with flavour, with a flick of chilli and loads of coriander and guacamole, these aromatic tacos de adobada (marinated pork taco) from Taqueria El Franc in Tijuana, Mexico, are spectacular - cheap too at less than US$1.
Italian meats
There's no better way to start a meal in Verona, Italy, than with a plate of cured meats.
Vietnamese pound cakes
Vietnamese pound cakes at a fishing village hoi an were made by the hundred.
Angelina macarons
There's always something sweet in Paris where macarons from Angelina are involved.
Fresh Vietnamese produce
There's always something delectable on offer at the early morning Lao Cai market in Vietnam.
Thai green curry
Fit for a celebration, Nikki Prins and husband spent their honeymoon eating green curry and other delicious dishes in Thailand. They now celebrate each wedding anniversary back in New Zealand with a Thai meal.
Freshly made noodles
A cooking station where freshly made egg noodles and rice noodles are cooked on the spot in a secret recipe broth. The dish is then topped with homemade Taiwanese meatballs garnished with traditional herbs.
La Boqueria markets
Fresh fruit and juice, locally caught fish and chocolate pastries at La Boqueria markets in Barcelona, Spain, made a nice change for Thomas Weston from the fast food he'd been eating at airports and train stations.
Frog kebab
Barbecued whole frogs are a common delicacy sold in street markets in Lao with these tasty morsels for sale in Luang Prabang.
Nice food market
Almond paste can be shaped into many forms; from bananas to asparagus, or carrots to grapes, as seen here at a market in Nice on the French Riviera.
Big lemons
Where big lemons are concerned in Sorrento, Italy, a "Please don't touch" sign may not be enough.
Food for a lost wanderer in Paris, Sonia Edney stopped at a restaurant to eat snails for dinner as she figured out how to get back to her hotel.
Bangkok floating market
It was all smiles at Bangkok's floating markets where tropical fruit and vegetables are in abundance.
Fish BBQ
Fish barbecue tastes as good as it sounds and looks at the night markets at Ho Chi Minh City.
Dining Disney styles
Disney World in Florida is not just for the kids with the California Grill offering up strawberry cheesecake, coke float and popcorn treat to tantalise the tastebuds of an all ages crowd.
Huge cheese wheels in a produce market in Groningen in the Netherlands offer insight into some serious Dutch cheese addiction.
Hanoi spices
A flavoursome snippet of a spice store in the Old Quarter of Hanoi.
Beijing food stalls
Not out of place on an episode of Fear Factor, Beijing food markets offer the weird and the wonderful.
Czech trout
She'd never eaten trout in New Zealand, but when it was served up in the Czech Republic town of Czesky Krumlov, Patricia Reesby was hooked.
FAMILY FEAST: Steve, Kalle and Vernon.
Enjoying dinner at Joe's Crab Shack in Redondo beach, California.
A stall selling durian in Singapore. It is a notoriously smelly fruit, and an acquired taste to most people.
The Last Supper? Jo wonders whether the chef has prepared her pufferfish correctly in Kyoto, Japan.
Paris delights - enjoying appero with friends.
Cheeky cupcakes in New York's Chelsea markets.
You really can't beat New Zealand's own West Coast delicious fresh whitebait patties fried in lashings of butter and drizzled with a squeeze of fresh lemon.
Fruity fountain in Yucatan, Mexico
Giant Weinersnitchel challenge in Budapest
Forrest's Seafood Feast at Bubba Gump restaurant in San Francisco.
On a toilet stop in Laos, a restaurant had several dishes with these maggots in them. The sounds they made trying to get out of the 'honey comb' were amazing - they are eaten as the maggots shown or as a beetle they became, tasting like peanut butter.
Ho Chi Minh City accountant Phuoc showing Timothy Brand how to eat quail eggs as an after-work snack in the park with friends.
Borough Market
Sandwiched between Southwark Cathedral and the Thames the Borough Market in London is simply amazing, serving up everything from fresh seafood to homemade sea salt and caramel icecream.
Khao Kha Moo
Nestled away in a side street in northern Thailand I found some amazing Khao Kha Moo (Thai pork hock). The pork hocks are simmered in a broth of herbs and spices for a good 5 hours before the meat gets served on some garlic rice, corriander and egg.
A fruit and veg market in the heart of Hoi An, Vietnam. Spot the marketeer taking a nap amongst the produce.

For our taste of travel photo competition, we're looking for delicious photos of food from your trips abroad.

This is a cannoli that I bought next to Fontana di Trevi in Rome last year, while on exchange.

It was the perfect treat after seven hours of walking these beautiful historical streets. Crunchy and smooth at the same time,  it's deep fried hard pastry filled with sweetened ricotta cheese. This one is dipped in pistachio nuts but sometimes it's chocolate sprinkles or chips, or dried fruit.

Figs, dates, cherries, nuts, spices, nougat and a whole lot more at the fabulous Spice Market in Istanbul.
Bakery treats in Spain. These tarts went hand in hand with a hot coffee every morning.
Kontich, Belgium: you'll thicken your waistline just looking at these beauties.
Taste of travel 2
Delicious-looking decorated cupcakes in a shop window in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in celebration of the Dutch queen's very last Queen's Day.
Taste of travel 2
A man linking sausages at The English Market, Cork, Ireland.
Taste of travel 2
Some tasty Moroccan sweets from the markets of Fez, just beware of the bees.
Taste of travel 2
This man was selling honeycomb (complete with bees) on the street in Bali, Indonesia.
Cannoli in Rome
Pure French Chocolate Indulgence
A trip in the back streets of Paris led to an amazing chocolate shop and divine delights to be indulged in. Photo Taken by Shaine Pask.
Food travel photos
Burlap sacks of dried beans in a Hong Kong back street.
Myanmar meandering
Exploring the tasty world of Myanmar street food.
Irashaimase! (Welcome)
Curry Rice and other such delicacies being served at a food stall at the Gion Festival in Kyoto, Japan.
Got Crabs?
Got crabs? One of the best places to buy fresh fish on Long Island, NY is on the docks in the town of Freeport. You can walk the Nautical Mile and visit the many restaurants, bars, gift shops and fresh fish markets.
La Boqueria
One of the less appetizing but still fascinating offerings at the famous La Boqueria Food Market on La Rambla in Barcelona
Paris Ice Cream
This was taken on our OE in 2009. We traveled around Europe for two months in a camper van. Amazing time!
Crab ready for the boiling in Singapore
Indulging in the delicious seafood delicacies is a must do in Singapore, including trying some extremely fresh crab. This beauty was seen in the lobby of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, ready to be served with black pepper or spices.
Wet Market in Stonetown, Zanzibar.
A man buying fresh meat at a wet market in Stonetown, Zanzibar. The smells are overwhelming as you pass through the different areas of the market. Spices, fruit, fish, vegetables, chicken, and red meat. It was incredible to see this ancient place of food trade still operating along traditions created generations ago.
Spitalfield steam on a Sunday
Walking through the London markets on a Sunday. Always a tough decision what delicious meal to choose for lunch.
Incredible or inedible India?
Incredible or inedible India? A fruit stall in hot Jaipur.
Been there Dunn that
Been there, Dunn that. Hidden fish burger heaven.
Fruit for sale in Bangkok
In Bangkok: I just love eating fruit in Asia; not only is it so sweet and juicy, but it's already been cut up and is ready to go (saving you from near-misses with a Swiss army knife and a pineapple back in your guesthouse!).
Markets of Istanbul
Spices in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey.
Deli Window Display - 09/08/2013
Taken in beautiful Rothenburg. Amazing how many different sausages and salamis there were - I could not make a choice!
Local catch in Calcutta
Mother and son proudly showing the days catch, Calcutta India.
Homemade German Cherry Crumble
Freshly picked cherries from the garden were the key component to this delicious crumble, made by my friend's 'Oma' in Hamburg. A definite favourite from my summer in Europe.
Spring rolls and more.......
Local street vendor cooking springs rolls and more, so tasty and fresh. Street stall in Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok, Thailand.
Not quite Food- the chocolate shop
This Chocolate Shop in Aix en Provence had a sweet smell that drew us in the door. So many choices, nougat covered in chocolate went home with us.
fresh and tasty in lucerne
The simple foods of Europe are the best: a plate with lettuce, big red sliced tomatoes, juicy buffalo mozzarella cheese, basil and a dressing of olive oil. Simple, but beautiful served in a little café in Lucerne.
Aladdin's Cave
Smells, sights and tastes! Marrakesh, Morocco
Anchovies 3 Ways
Photo taken in Cinque Terre, Italy. Anchovies three ways, fresh and marinated in lemon juice, fried and salted.
Eating parfaits in Belgium
Where to start on these huge, fruity, ice-creamy concoctions? Alex would like to eat them all but sister Libby won't let that happen. They're in a cafe on the beach at Oostduinkerke in Belgium on a brilliant summer's day in August 2013.
Helsinki markets
Walking through Helsinki towards the port, we came across the luscious fruit for sale. The late summer harvest was difficult to resist
Slovakian Roast Duck
This is my first taste of Slovakian style roast duck served with braised red cabbage and dumplings when I was there visiting in June 2011. How I wish I can have another one now and then.
Local 'delicacies'!
The Spice Market in Istanbul, Turkey, introduced us to some interesting local products!
Protein Hit
Skewered quail eggs with a little piece of sausage on top at the Melaka night markets in Malaysia pack a real protein punch. Question is - which came first? The cookware or the egg...
A Snail of a time in Paris
Sherilyn trying snails in Paris on our June holiday. Thank goodness for garlic!!
Tasty Grilled Frogs
In Cambodia, one of the local favourites are the Khmer Frogs, which are marinaded and grilled on an open BBQ. They really are juicy, delicious and a cheap meal while exploring the cities at all times of the day or night. A must try!
Photo for Travel Taste
I wonder what has happened to all the people of Cairo, now that they have so many troubles. I found them to be very friendly and welcoming. I took this picture in October 2010, the Cairo spice market.
Cameron Highlands Steam boat
This photo is of my son Jack, 4, about to enjoy the most fantastic and delicious Malaysian Steam boat.
Pulpo is the word for octopus and it is regarded as a delicacy here.
Rosewater olives
Stella's hand reaches for another rosewater olive.
Decisions! Decisions!
Window display of The Hopetoun Tearooms in the Block Arcade on Melbourne's Golden Mile. The food and ambience was well worth the wait to get into this very popular place.
I miss the London City markets.
Tuna for lunch
In Southern Sri Lanka, they make a special tuna dish made with 22 different spices, which keeps for over a week without refrigeration. We stopped off in the garden of this woman's home, where they showed us how the dish is prepared and then served us a sumptuous lunch. All the more poignant as it was close to the area devastated by the 2004 tsunami.
Natures food
The freshly picked fruit and vegetables looked so good.
Barcelona market
This was one of the many food stalls in the fresh food and produce market in central Barcelona. Photos was taken early October 2013.
Olives from France
Market place in France selling mouth watering olives.
Just assing about
This was on a market stall in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. I took the photo last month and was horrified by the donkey product, but I guess they also eat horse meat in France. And, no, I didn't sample the it.
Foodie Heaven in Paris
Foods collected on our travel exploring Paris. Each morning, leaving our apartment in Paris, we had the pleasure of viewing the window display of Julien patisserie in Rue Saint-Honoré. Each day it was a new display of tempting french delicacies.

They sometimes get so big it's impossible to have one by yourself, you have to share it.

This one was so good I'd already had a sneaky bite. They are fantastic, traditional and exciting, like the beautiful city of Roma. 

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Cannoli in Rome