12 luxury floating hideaways

Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica.

Photos of the most magnificent overwater bungalows will make you want to run away right now.

Want to buy a jet? Here's how

Lounge of a Boeing VIP 747-8.

Buying a commercial jetliner is a fairly painless process for those with the cash to splash.

10 famous hotel guests and rooms

Coco Chanel's suite at the Ritz.

Stay in the suite Coco Chanel lived in for 37 years or spend a night where John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged a sit-in.

Weekender: Millbrook Resort

The Mercedes-Benz golfers compete on a chilly final day at Millbrook Resort in Queenstown on April 30.

Relaxation and golf don't often go hand-in-hand for this writer, but Queenstown's luxury golf resort helped him find a way to do both.

Shaking the business-class guilt

The 180-degree beds are 52 centimetres wide by 1.93m long.

With all this space, it's hard not to feel bad for fellow flyers in economy. But the Champagne helps.

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