Indulging across the ditch gallery

Hayman One&Only, Queensland: Nothing says extravagance like a massage bed plonked in the pristine waters of the Whitsundays, provided the tide is right and the swell calm.

Sometimes only the finest will do when it comes to reclaiming a sense of wellbeing.

50 shades of blue

Australia's fantasy island

Luxury train pulls into Tehran gallery

RIDE OF A LIFETIME: Tourists look out the window of a luxury train at a station in Tehran after arriving in the Iranian capital from Budapest.

This two-week luxury train journey from Budapest reportedly cost up to $39,000 a head.

Five luxury hotel services

Stay at Melbourne's The Blackman and you can order business shirts from a menu.

These five luxury hotel features can surprise and delight travellers seeking more than just a bed.

Australia's fantasy island

Idyllic: The Orpheus Island resort in Queensland.

This is a jewel in Australia's crown, where you can relax as the rich and famous might.

World's newest luxury train gallery

The Tehran-bound train departing Nyugati Terminus in Budapest.

A luxury train connecting Hungary and Iran has left Budapest for the first time packed with travellers.

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