Hotel VIP bang for little buck

Hotel VIP

Play your cards right and you can get VIP treatment at a range of hotels.

6 things to try at the Langham

Langham Pool

If you're staying at the Langham, here's our picks for the top six things to try before you check out.

Golden days are here again

Travel's golden days

A renewed interest in the Golden Age of travel means there's even more for the discerning tourist.

Introducing the IceHotel

Ice hotel

A hotel guest designing their own suite before arrival is unusual, even more so when the room is made of ice.

Spend the night like an Emperor

Schoenbrunn Palace

The opulent Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna is letting tourists flat at princely price.

Beauty by tradition

Hotel Rio Sagrado

Indigenous treatments are popping up on spa menus around the world.

A taste of how the other half fly


Sometimes it pays to be late. The Emirates check-in officer looks over my passport and says some magical words.

You call this relaxation?


I stripped off and shivered in a corner while two women blasted me with cold seawater.

Creepy and cooky

Snake massage

Within the sumptuous surrounds of a modern spa, things can sometimes start to get weird.

The height of luxury

Ski resort

At Courchevel, it all comes down to the richer you are, the higher you stay.

Australia's top resort

Wolgan Valley

Deep inside the Wolgan Valley towering sandstone cliffs loom in every direction.

Step into the lap of luxury


When it comes to opulence, no one does it quite like Dubai.

First class all the way

The Midland Hotel

Restoration of Britain's grand railway hotels and stations provides glimmer of a new golden age for rail.

Holiday like royalty in a castle


Care to be transported back to the roaring '20s? Or perhaps a jaunt in sun-drenched Tuscany is more your cup of tea?

What wouldn't a butler do?


Butlers are everywhere these days: bath butlers, soap butlers, even tanning butlers.

Are private jets worth it?


There are good reasons for the extra spend, and they're probably not what you think.

Dubai glamour stays


If you want a hotel room that captures Dubai's opulent culture, check into one of these.

A shopaholic's paradise

Dubai Mall

The mammoth Dubai Mall is so big it's better to experience it on four wheels than on two legs.

Get that golden glow

Talise Ottoman Spa

Gold-plated service might be a concept you've considered but how about a gold facial?

Wake on the wild side

Andaman Langkawi

See for yourself why people stay at The Andaman, rather than other slicker, five-star hotels.