Open and shut case

BACK TO BASICS: Planning is key when going on holiday, says Sascha Griffin.

Trying to shut your suitcase does not have to end in tears.

Dubai's latest luxury

A LITTLE LUXURY: Would you drink 'halal' non-alcoholic sparkling white wine with flecks of 24-carat edible gold leaf?

Where else would get $150 bottle of 'halal' non-alcoholic sparkling white wine with flecks of 24-carat gold leaf ?

Rent a legacy

John Steinbeck, Pacific Grove, California.

Even the most famous writers in history needed a retreat to cure creative blocks.

Enjoy French luxury near to home

BLUE IDYLL: An aerial view of the Deva region.

Despite being one of our closest neighbours, New Caledonia is relatively off the radar for Australasian travellers.

I am the 1 per cent

ONBOARD LUXURY: Since experiencing the amazingness of the pointy end of an Emirates A380 (including a chauffeur-driven lift to the airport and a stand-up bar on the plane), I’ve come to think that if you have the spare frequent flyer points, they’re worth sacrificing for the upgrade.

I am the 1 per cent. I know this with certainty as I recline in my private business-class pod.

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