Travel Troubles

Jetstar disputes 'worst airline' tag

Jetstar disputed its last-place result in the survey.

The airline has come dead last in a new consumer survey - but is it fair?

Cancer sufferer restrained on flight

Kwame Bantu said he was "treated like a slave" by airline staff.

The 65-year old was tied up, told he "needs to defecate in the chair" and left stranded on an island when he tried to sit in business class.

Kicked off plane for using toilet video

Kima Hamilton talking with one of Delta's staff members.

Delta under spotlight after a passenger says an emergency toilet run ended up in him being escorted off US flight.

Dragged passenger settles with United

David Dao being dragged off the plane after he refused to give up his seat.

​United Airlines reaches compensation agreement with a doctor who was dragged down the aisle of a plane.

United learns its lessons video

United Airlines copped a PR beating after video of airport security violently removing a paying passenger from an ...

United Airlines will raise the limit on payments to customers who give up seats on oversold flights.

'Old, fat ugly cabin crew deserve penalties'

A group of Aeroflot female flight attendants claims its employer discriminated against them because of their appearance.

Aeroflot has reportedly suggested overweight crew should be paid less, and "if employees don't like the conditions they can resign."

United 737's 'scary' landing

A United Airlines Boeing 737 had to circle to burn fuel before landing.

An engine-overheating warning leads to a "frightening" experience in Costa Rica.

Rabbit dies on United Airlines flight video

Simon, a male Continental Giant rabbit, did not survive a United flight from England to Chicago.

United Airlines is investigating a report that a "fit as a fiddle" bunny died on one of its flights.

United Airlines: The other side video

United Airlines sparked outrage for the treatment of  Dr David Dao who was physically dragged off a plane the airline ...

Aviation officer who dragged David Dao from the plane tells what really happened for the first time.

From honeymoon to hospital video

Ben Manilla and Eliza Lape were on a dream holiday.

The US newlyweds went to Hawaii on a dream holiday, but left with worms in their brains.

Qatar Airways could ditch NZ

The inaugural Qatar Airways flight from Doha gets the water cannon treatment in February but the route's days could be ...

Qatar Airways could cancel flights to Auckland if NZ follows US in banning laptops on Middle East flights.

Tempers fried in the skies video

The latest onboard drama shows a woman in tears with a young child in her arms, and a man emerging from his seat to ...

Too many passengers, too little seat and storage space behind aircraft dramas, US union says.

Watch: Ferry crashes into seawall video

A technical fault has been blamed for the crash.

Like a scene from Speed 2, this car ferry ploughs into a seawall on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria.

Fight nearly erupts on plane video

Fingers pointed as a passenger and an airline worker get worked up.

"I'll knock you flat" - things get heated on an American Airlines plane involving crew, passengers and a crying woman with a young child.

Salvaging an upset tummy overseas

Nothing can spoil a foreign holiday quite like an upset tummy.

A tale of aid across the oceans involving a small army of volunteers who joined forces to save Beck some embarrassment.

LA airport misses gun in carry-on

Passengers wait for their carry-on items to be scanned at a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport in ...

An off-duty police officer accidentally smuggled a handgun through Los Angeles airport security en route to Taiwan.

Family of five split up on flight

Even the Jetstar cabin crew admit it is absurd but paying extra to sit together doesn't guarantee you will.

Even the crew admitted it was absurd but paying extra to sit together doesn't guarantee you will.

False alarm at airport

Baggage-laden passengers wait outside evacuated Auckland Airport's International Terminal.

Hundreds of passengers grabbed bags and rushed out of Auckland International Airport after the alarm.

Major damage to Haka Steps

The Hakarimata Summit Track has fallen away in at least three places.

It could be a long recovery after storms caused severe damage to the popular track.

Call for crackdown on Airbnb

Apartments owners nationwide are concerned about the negative effects of short-term letting platforms.

Apartment owners want tougher rules for Airbnb following reports of theft, damage to property and overcrowding.

US airport security trashed my bag

How items were exposed during the flight from Eugene, Oregon to Los Angeles.

OPINION: Your checked in belongings are not safe travelling by plane in the US.

United CEO: no one will be fired video

David Dao was visibly bloody and injured after the incident.

Despite the continued controversy, no one will be let go over the dragging incident - including the CEO.

Fitness fanatic disputes pot fine

Roger Foley, former press secretary to Winston Peters and 'fitness fanatic' is incensed after staff at Wellington Top 10 ...

A man billed $50 over smell of marijuana says he hasn't smoked in 50 years.

Boy, 10, bumped from flight video

When a family arrived at the airport, Air Canada said there was no seat on an overbooked flight for their 10-year-old son.

A family going on holiday was told at the airport there was no seat on an overbooked flight for their son.

Corporate callousness at work

A video screen grab shows passenger Dr David Dao being dragged off a United Airlines flight at  O'Hare International ...

OPINION: The beating of a United Airlines passenger saw a corporation pretending to care.

Fruit and vege smuggler sent packing

The contraband smuggled into Christchurch Airport on Saturday.

Woman refused New Zealand entry for "deliberate and reckless" fruit and vege suitcase stash.

'Beg-packers' come under criticism

The growing number of westerners begging for cash to travel raises ethical questions.

The growing number of westerners begging for cash to travel raises ethical questions.

Hairy landing at Wellington Airport video

Passenger Max Havaux captured the hair-raising landing at Wellington Airport.

A passenger captured an Air New Zealand flight battling high winds during Cyclone Cook.

Booted off plane on way to wedding video

Michael Hohl and  Amber Maxwell were flying to Costa Rica for their wedding.

United is in the spotlight once more for removing a couple en route to their own wedding.

Baby denied visa for 'terrorist' gaffe

Little Harvey doesn't really look like a terrorist.

Three-month-old summoned to US Embassy after grandfather accidentally ticked the wrong box.

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