Travel Troubles

Real reason airline banned leggings video

At first United Airlines said it could bar a passenger if they are barefoot or "not properly clothed" and the decision ...

Sexist, outdated and too strict: Airline has been forced to explain why it stopped teenage girls from boarding flight.

Flight delays: know your rights

Passengers should first consult their airlines in the event of flight delays, experts say.

Airlines have legal obligations to all passengers, even those without travel insurance.

Visa policy halts urgent travel

Charlene and Kierane Apollos were unable to fly to South Africa for Kierane's mother's funeral because of new visa ...

Christchurch family miss funeral in South Africa because of political "tit for tat".

Snake found on private jet

The snake was found on the tarmac at Auckland Airport.

A snake hitched a ride from Brisbane and was found on the tarmac at Auckland Airport.

Fans feared 'another Adele disaster'

Lisa Hill and her friend found out about the flight delay when they arrived at the airport.

Concert-goers in New Plymouth were once again faced with flight delays.

Harrison Ford's near-miss video

Video shows small plane being flown by actor Harrison Ford flying over an American Airlines jetliner as it lands at John ...

Actor was "distracted" when he landed on the wrong runway, coming close to an airliner carrying 116 people.

10-car crash snarls traffic video

The New Zealand Transport Agency's traffic cameras showed long queues building towards the airport on Monday morning.

Travellers heading to Auckland airport warned to expect long queues on southwestern motorway.

Jetting off, finally

Tashjian Barklie and Mighky Emia were set to spend 11 days in the Philippines. Instead, they were stuck in Auckland for ...

After two days bunked up in Auckland airport, their flight has finally departed for Malaysia.

Barred from flight for wearing leggings

United Airlines' decision not to allow two girls in leggings to board a plane has been criticised as 'arbitrary' and ...

Two girls barred from United Airlines flight in the US for wearing leggings.

Flights fuel Adele fans' fear

Many people going to Adele's Auckland shows were flying into Hamilton and driving north from there because flights were ...

Flight diversion as low cloud disrupts one plane so far from Hamilton International Airport.

Left homeless, thanks to Adele

Passengers say they've struggled to get information from Malaysia Airlines.

Their flight out of Auckland is on hold til Sunday, but Adele fans have booked every spare bed in the city.

Stuck for five days at Grand Canyon video

Amber VanHecke made farewell videos to her family.

Student stranded by maps app with empty petrol tank made farewell videos for family as she grew desperate.

Cheeky tips to cope with US laptop ban

You can engage in primitive dialogue from the pre-internet era, says Royal Jordanian in a cheeky response to the US ...

Jordanian airline advises travellers to analyse the meaning of life or engage in primitive, pre-internet dialogue.

A380 sends private jet tumbling

Inside the Challenger 604 business jet that got flipped upside down by the A380 - and rolled 3-5 times.

This is the scene inside a small jet after it was flipped five times, plummeting 3000 metres in a superjumbo's wake.

Sleeping as planes tried to land

Crews on flights trying to land and depart could not contact air traffic control for 33 minutes.

Planes were waiting to fly in and out of the Vietnam international airport. But the air traffic controller was napping.

Pilot found passed out in cockpit video

The Sunwings pilot was found with alcohol on his breath, his pilots wings upside down and his face was pressed against ...

He had alcohol on his breath, his pilot wings upside down and his face was pressed against the window.

100kg plane propeller found in bush video

The plane made an emergency landing at Sydney Airport.

The passenger plane's propeller sheared off mid-flight, forcing an emergency landing.

49 survive 'miraculous' crash landing

The South Supreme Airlines plane reportedly landed safely but because of bad weather, missed the line and hit a fire truck.

Bad weather caused a plane to crash into a fire truck upon landing, bursting into flames.

Bird strike forces flight back

The Virgin flight was over Banks Peninsula when passengers were told it would have to turn back. (FILE PHOTO)

A plane travelling from Christchurch to Melbourne was forced to turn back after the plane was damaged.

Shark nips bodyboarder's bum

Gonzalo Mompo Fernandez shows the teeth marks on his wetsuit after he was bitten by a shark.

A tourist had a lucky escape after a shark took a fancy to him and nibbled his bottom.

Cockpit shudders as 737 lands

Artur Kielak struggles to keep the controls steady as he brings the plane in to land.

A pilot's video of landing a big plane in heavy winds shows just how hard they have to work to stay in control.

Man smuggles thousands of spiders, scorpions

Rare and beautiful beetles can trade for high prices.

A Czech man was arrested for smuggling 4226 Australian native insects - including 27 spiders and seven scorpions.

Tranquilising dog 'implausible'

Three new Aviation Security puppies in May 2016, including Grizz.

Commentators decrying police shooting of dog are unrealistic, top vet says.

Athlete deemed too tall to fly

Alexander Kimerov, a 2.13-metre volleyball player, was hauled off his flight over complaints his legs blocked the aisle.

A 7ft volleyball player was hauled off his flight over complaints his legs blocked the aisle.

Freedom camping area 'a mess'

The Akerston St site at Port Nelson used by freedom campers.

Litter strewn everywhere, backpacks and clothing left behind. Nelson locals are already dreading next year.

Flight diverted over spilled drink

Fire services were called to meet the plane after a drink mishap diverted a flight.

A passenger says a fumbling flight attendant drenched him but the airline blames the passenger.

Ship so rusted, it may collapse

In her heyday Queen Mary carried Elizabeth Taylor and Winston Churchill. But it'll take more than $400 million to fix her up.

In her heyday she carried Elizabeth Taylor and Winston Churchill. But it'll take $400m to fix her up.

Mid-air explosion caused by earphones video

The woman was badly burnt when her headphones exploded on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne.

A passenger has spoken of her horror when her battery-operated headphones exploded on her face.

Flight turns back after bird strike

A passenger on the flight from Nelson to Auckland on Wednesday morning said the plane hit a flock of birds and was ...

Air New Zealand turboprop forced to return to Nelson after striking birds mid-flight.

Jet skiers' near-miss with cruise video

With just seconds to spare, two women were pulled from the water before a 130,000-tonne ship passed by.

With just seconds to spare, two women were pulled from the water before a 130,000-tonne ship passed by.

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