Travel Troubles

Jet blast injures three

The blast from an Air New Zealand jet put three people in hospital in Rarotonga.

Three people hospitalised after being blown over by blast from Air New Zealand jet engine in Rarotonga.

Volcanic ash grounds Bali flights

So far, nine Jetstar flights have been cancelled.

Jetstar has cancelled flights in and out of Bali after a volcanic eruption.

Naked Bus passengers left in cold

Naked Bus passengers were left stranded by a lengthy delay.

Naked Bus company passengers were beset by delays after a vehicle broke down at Waitomo.

Dried frogs and tiger tooth

MPI said staff intercepted 6733 items of "biosecurity interest" from arriving passengers during the month.

Dried frogs, fruit fly-infested chillies, and a tiger tooth are just a few of the items seized by biosecurity during May.

A new low for airport food?

This bacon and egg roll wasn't quite what the man expected.

All he wanted was a bacon and egg roll - and that's sort of what he got.

What really happens on cruise ships

Cruise ship staff have their own bars despite strict cruise line policies on drugs and alcohol.

Cathryn Chapman was shocked to learn the man she loved was dating nine other women.

Pilots sacked over selfies with model

Model Victoria Xipolitakis tweeted photographs of herself with the pilots in the cockpit.

Two pilots have been fired for letting a model into the cockpit of a passenger jet.

Mt Hutt road chaos

Skiers faced delays on Mt Hutt's access road on Saturday morning.

Skiers headed to Mt Hutt Ski Area are stuck in a 2-kilometre long queue. 

Brace for airport strike chaos

Chaos ahead at Australian airports as customs and immigration officers go on strike.

Travellers to and from Australia face chaos as customs and immigration officers walk off the job next week.

Black ice causes road chaos

Rhys Tau's Jetstar flight to Queenstown was diverted to Christchurch.

Severe black ice has shut roads and caused several crashes in the deep south of the country.

Fault forces Honolulu flight back

An image from a flight tracking website shows the Air NZ flight's journey.

An Air NZ flight bound for Honolulu has been forced to return to Auckland.

Directing traffic in the dark video

Airways chief operating officer Pauline Lamb: "The frustrating thing is people don’t normally hear about us because we do our job so well."

When air traffic radar failed on Tuesday, air traffic controllers had to resort to old school methods to keep planes safely apart.

Diagnosing the flight radar outage video

Around 160 flights were affected by the outage altogether.

Air travel disruption may result in compensation claims.

Investigation to take 18 months

Large queues of passengers formed at Wellington Airport as all commercial flights were delayed due to a radar system failure at Airways Corporation.

Investigation begins after thousands left stranded by a nationwide radar outage that disrupted more than 160 flights.

Strike halts Channel Tunnel traffic

Drivers stand and sit next to their lorries awhich are backed up on the M20 motorway.

Striking workers burning tyres stop traffic through Channel Tunnel linking the UK with Europe.

Pilots lost radar communication video

An image from shows New Zealand's air traffic at 3:50pm.

Pilots would have lost all radar communication during an outage that grounded hundreds of flights.

Flights used 'procedural separation'

The Airways Corporation radar dome at Hawkins Hill in Wellington.

There will be an investigation into a radar fault which grounded hundreds of flights.

New nut tantrum costs $800,000

United Flight 971 makes an unscheduled stop at Belfast Airport.

Diverting a plane because a passenger demanded nuts came at quite a cost.

Hackers ground 1400 passengers

The Polish airline LOT was forced to cancel flights after its ground computer systems were hacked.

Polish airline LOT grounded in Warsaw after hackers attack its ground computer systems.

Man arrested after flight diverted

Authorities said the man was also set to be charged with disruptive behaviour on board an aircraft and common assault.

Authorities arrest man for endangering the safety of a plane after trans-Atlantic jet forced to divert.

Road trip from hell finally over

Jetstar passengers wanting to fly to Queenstown were stranded in Christchurch after 24-hour ordeal.

Frustrated Jetstar passengers finally reach destination after 36 hours of detours and road closures.

Stranded passengers complete trip

Jetstar passengers wanting to fly to Queenstown were stranded in Christchurch after 24-hour ordeal.

Jetstar passengers finally arrive Queenstown after a detour and road closures.

Threat to open plane door

A man had to be restrained for six hours on an Etihad flight to Melbourne.

Passengers restrained agitated man on flight from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne, after he attacked air hostess and allegedly threatened to open plane door.

'Shouting' teen removed from flight

An Air NZ plane returned to the terminal after a teenager became agitated.

He ran up the aisle as the plane was taxiing, screaming "Get me out".

Jet engine failed after birdstrike

The Air New Zealand jet was cleared to fly after a birdstrike at Wellington International Airport.

Air New Zealand flight cleared to fly after a birdstrike suffers engine failure on next flight.

Odyssey accused of copying attraction

The companies behind Queenstown and Auckland's Odyssey Sensory Mazes are being accused of copying a similar tourist attraction on the Gold Coast.

Tourist attraction developers admit visiting similar business in Australia six months before designing their own.

Celebrities and their baggage

Kate Moss was recently removed by police from an easyJet plane for being "disruptive".

OPINION: Think babies are disruptive on flights? Try flying with a celebrity.

Should travellers worry about turbulence?

Student Wendy Atkin (R) listens to Frontier Airlines Captain Tim Cavender as he demonstrates an Airbus A319 flight simulator as part of the Flight without Fear course

The drop was so severe, it felt like we were suddenly falling out of the sky.

'I was foolish and am truly sorry' video

Eleanor Hawkins in a selfie on Instagram.

Naked tourist Eleanor Hawkins apologises to Malaysia for her mountain strip.

Passengers escape plane onto wing

Passengers are criticising how Allegiant Air handled a fuel leak that led to an evacuation.

Passengers were forced to evacuate an aircraft when fumes began to leak into the cabin.

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