Travel Troubles

Honey smugglers busted at airport

Honeypot: Are you paying too much for super?

Two would-be honey smugglers have been turned back on arrival at Auckland airport.

Australian family burgled in NZ

HAPPIER TIMES: Brian Davis, 48, Emma Davis, 25, Andrew Miller, 25 and Blake Davis, 18 enjoy a drink at Hanmer Springs on their second to last day in New Zealand.

The Davis family had their passports and thousands of dollars worth of goods stolen, but all they want back is their camera's memory card.

10 types of airport travellers

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS:When I'm power-walking to the gate, I will take time to reflect on the diversity of people I'm about to share recycled air with.

It's always an enlightening occasion.

Airports serve as a pretty decent cross-section of the human race.

Shaking passenger panic

The Air France plane that was suspected of carrying a passenger with Ebola is seen on the runway at Madrid Barajas airport.

Passengers were boarding the flight to Madrid when "people in white suits" boarded.

Ebola threat scaring Americans off travel

An airport worker in the arrivals area of Los Angeles International Airport. The US announced increased passenger screenings for Ebola on Thursday, followed swiftly by Britain.

Nearly half of Americans are so concerned about the Ebola outbreak that they are avoiding international air travel.

A web of misinformation?

The mark that was left on Thomas' trunk.

The tale of Dylan Thomas and his skin-burrowing spider has gone global - but arachnid experts doubt it's true.

Blah Airlines: 'You will get there' video

Blah Airlines

Virgin America has launched what appears to be a very elaborate campaign to point out the dullness of most of its competitors.

Mops may have caused flood video

The first Qantas A380 arrived in Sydney on 21 September, 2008.

A flood of water that forced a Qantas flight to turn back has been blamed on the mops used by cleaners.

Possible jail time over plane seat row

Plane, generic, strap

It was dubbed the legroom wars and now a man risks up to 20 years in prison for the reclining seat spat.

Border bust for massive melon

MEGA MELON SEIZED: The huge fruit was seized by biosecurity officials when the family arrived at Auckland airport.

A massive melon has fallen foul of New Zealand’s biosecurity rules, when it was intercepted at Auckland Airport.

Peeing panda ad pulled

China’s state television broadcaster CCTV panda ad.

China has turned to urinating pandas to tell its citizens they need to be better behaved abroad.

Passenger molested in loo


A Japan Airlines flight had to return to Hawaii after a male passenger sexually assaulted a female passenger in the toilet.

'Please pray for us'

A panel in the cabin of a Boeing 757 started breaking apart in midair.

A Dallas-bound American Airlines makes an emergency after some of the cabin's wall panels cracked loose in midair.

Sick and stuck in Australia

STRANDED: Rosie developed an excruciating ear ache on the flight to Australia on October 9.

Kiwi girl and her distraught mother are stranded in Australia because of a medical condition that prevents the 11-year-old from flying.

Bizarre Buddha breakage

Willemijn Vermaat of Wellington.

NZ resident who broke a Budda statue in Cambodia isn't fazed by people who think she's crazy.

In age of Isis, how safe is travel?

SAD DAY: People pay their respects to mountain guide Herve Gourdel in Saint-Martin-Vesubie, France, last month.

As a war between the West and extremists burns increasingly hot, travelling seems to have become just a touch more perilous.

Leech up nose for weeks

THAT EXPLAINS IT: Daniela Liverani thought her nosebleeds were due to falling from a motorbike - before she spotted the leech up her nose.

A Scottish backpacker took home an unwelcome guest - an 8cm leech curled up in her nose.

Kiwi breaks temple Buddha

FAMOUS TEMPLE: A file photo of Angkor Wat at sunrise.

A Kiwi tourist was reportedly detained after knocking over a Buddha statue at a temple in Cambodia.

Airport reopens

RESPONSE: Emergency services at Hawke's Bay airport after a Cessna 206 flipped today, closing the airport.

Hawke's Bay airport has re-opened now that the runway has been cleared of a small plane that flipped on landing.

Ebola joke goes bad video

THIS ISN'T FUNNY: A joke about Ebola escalated quickly into the full quarantine of a flight.

A joke about Ebola escalated quickly into a full quarantine of a flight from the United States to the Dominican Republic.

Boarding denied due to T-shirt

NEW TERRORISM LAW: Violent Soho frontman James Tidswell with his 'threatening' shirt and later topless, at the airport bar.

A rock band T-shirt was enough for an acclaimed musician to be told he could not board a plane.

Grounded her due to tweets

Plane, generic, strap

A JetBlue passenger says her tweets about flight delays and a pilot's sobriety test got her booted from a flight.

Passenger vomits blood on Sydney flight

MID-AIR SCARE: A Jetstar flight from Sydney to Darwin was forced to turn around mid-air when a passenger started vomiting blood.

A Jetstar flight from Sydney to Darwin has been forced to turn around mid-air when a passenger started vomiting blood.

Aggressive tourist operators a threat

The first cruise ship of the season arrives in Wellington today. The 2500-capacity Radiance of the Seas is due into dock at midday.

Over-aggressive tourist operators are posing a threat to Napier's $20m cruise ship industry.

How to sleep in an airport

Jennifer Skene

Since many airports ban sleeping on the floor you might need to get creative - this will help you get started.

Tourist jailed over drone drama

DRONE DRAMA: A tourist has been fined, after spending a night in jail for flying a drone over famous Parisian landmarks.

A tourist who flew a drone above Paris's main attractions, was slapped with a fine, after spending the night in jail.

Planes collide at Dublin Airport

Ryanair planes collide

A plane has lost the tip of its wing when it crashed into another aircraft at Dublin Airport yesterday.

Disneyland Paris rescue unveiled

Mickey and Minnie are pictured at the 20th anniversary celebrations of Disneyland Resort in Marne-la-Vallee, outside Paris.

The operator of struggling Disneyland Paris, has unveiled a massive refinancing package as it battles a debt mountain.

World's worst for pickpockets

BE ALERT, NOT ALARMED: Don't look rich, try not to look like a tourist and don't carry anything you're not prepared to lose.

This city is a happy hunting ground for those who would relieve visitors of their belongings.

Launch snag for rival ferry

FERRY COMPETITION: Explore Group had planned to launch its first sailing to Waiheke Island on October 4.

Technical issues prevented a new Waiheke ferry service from launching at the weekend.