Travel Troubles

Conquering a fear of flying

Every bump is certain death, every sound, apocalyptic.

One white-knuckle air traveller discovers the cure to her flying woes.

Plane's cooling fan failure

A Cathay Pacific's Boeing 777-300ER sits on the tarmac.

An equipment cooling fan failed on a Cathay Pacific flight that was forced to make an emergency landing.

Allegiant executives were flying plane low on fuel video

An Allegiant Air MD-83 passenger jet takes off from the Monterey airport in Monterey, California.

Two executives with pilot licenses were flying the Allegiant Air jet that nearly ran out of fuel.

Man sues airline over fat passenger

A man is suing Etihad, claiming he sustained injuries after having to contort his body while seated next to an obese passenger.

He claims he got a back injury after being forced to sit next to an obese man who coughed a lot.

Plane hits kangaroo on runway

An early morning domestic flight in Australia had to be cancelled when the plane hit a kangaroo (not pictured).

A flight in Australia was cancelled after the plane hit a kangaroo on the runway during a pre-dawn takeoff today.

Remember to pack some respect

For some, letting yourself go is half the fun of travelling.

Travellers misbehave. They always have and they probably always will.

Brand new Dreamliner damaged by hail

A brand new Dreamliner was damaged in a hailstorm.

An American Airlines flight from Beijing to Texas had to turn back when it flew into a hail storm.

British Airways flight diverted after bomb threat

A London-bound flight had to make an emergency landing in Canada after a bomb threat.

"[They] told us if something happened, we would have breathable air and the effect of an explosion would not be so hard."

Cathay Pacific flight in emergency landing

A Cathay Pacific plane flying from Hong Kong to Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency landing at a remote airport in Alaska's Aleutian Islands.

A Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles diverted to a US military airport in Alaska's Aleutian Islands due to smoke in the aircraft.

Airline fined for boarding unauthorised passenger

Cathay Pacific was convicted and fined a total of $6500 for failing to comply with the airline's obligations under the Immigration Act 2009.

Cathay Pacific has been fined for allowing a passenger to fly into NZ without proper approval.

Plane low on fuel declares emergency video

An Allegiant Air MD-83 passenger jet takes off.

"Yeah, listen, we're bingo fuel here in about probably three to four minutes and I got to come in and land."

Ticketless man who boarded plane was lovestruck

He evaded security and boarded a plane without a ticket to stop his girlfriend from leaving.

A man evaded security and boarded a plane without a ticket, was just trying to stop his girlfriend from leaving.

Found: Couple who lost photos

They were lost but now they're found. They may have lost 1500 holiday snaps in England ... but a British 'sleuth' can now return the priceless memories to Kate and Blu Lang.

It took only 20 minutes to identify 'mystery' Kiwis on holiday in Britain.

Airline complains of 'sinking' terminal

A staff member stands near an information counter at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2).

The new budget passenger airport terminal in Kuala Lumpur is "sinking", according to complaints by AirAsia.

Found: The happy snaps couple

Do you know this couple? They may have lost 1500 holiday snaps ... but a British 'sleuth' is hoping to return the priceless memories.

We asked, do you know them? Within minutes they'd been found.

Ticketless man boards plane

A man managed to get through a security checkpoint and board a commercial flight in Dallas, without a ticket.

A man got through security at a US airport and boarded a plane without a ticket.

Child urinates into sick bag on plane

The incident occurred on a brand new Vietnam Airlines plane.

When her son needed to go to the toilet, one Vietnam Airlines passenger got out the sick bag.

Watch: Boeing 777 in hairy landing video

Passengers on this Boeing 777 were in for a scary landing as gale-force winds swept across Amsterdam.

Passengers on this Boeing 777 were in for a scary landing as gale-force winds swept across Amsterdam.

Freedom campers terrorised                                         
Travel With Camper van During Holiday in New Zealand is wonderful things to do with our Family
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French tourists left petrified after screaming intruders entered their campervan as they slept in Timaru.

Passenger lights inflight fire

Fire on China flight

Passengers and crew members restrained a man after he attempted to start an inflight fire.

Police remove unruly AirNZ passenger

31032014 News Photo: KIRK HARGREAVES/Fairfax NZ
Air New Zealand and Jetstar Aircraft at Christchurch Airport

The man was unhappy about being asked to move seats.

Auckland's fog lifts after murky morning gallery

Fog in Auckland, Saturday 25 July.

Thousands of travellers were delayed on Saturday when thick fog blanketed Auckland city and airport.

Drunk passenger tied up with seatbelts video

Passengers beat up an unruly man, then left him tied up in the aisle during a flight from Hong Kong to Vladivostok.

Passengers took things into their own hands, beating up an unruly man, and then restraining him with seatbelts and tape.

Travellers stranded, abused online

A screen grab from Sky Air Services' Facebook page.

An Australian travel agent has ripped off its customers and abused them online.

Travel scams Kiwis fall for

Handy service, but is someone harvesting your passwords while you use that free wi-fi?

Don't leave your common sense behind when heading overseas, because tourists are a target for scam artists.

Passenger pepper-sprayed at airport

Police say an officer pepper-sprayed an airline passenger who refused to comply with instructions to get off the plane for arguing about whether his oversized bag needed to be checked.

An airline passenger who refused to check an oversized bag was pepper-sprayed and arrested.

Wildfire forces tourists out of park

Wildfire in Glacier National Park, Montana

Wildfire has ripped through Glacier National Park forcing campers to abandon their camps and cars.

Bison injures woman posing for selfie

A bison walks in Yellowstone National Park

Bison flips woman into the air as she poses for a selfie with the massive beast.

Passengers feel ill, take selfies

US flight makes emergency landing after passengers feel ill

Passengers take selfies with oxygen masks on, as plane makes emergency landing.

Volcano grounds flights in Bali again

Volcanic ash is emitted from Mt Raung.

Air New Zealand has delayed Wednesday's flight to Bali as volcanic ash continues to erupt from Mt Raung.

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