Travel Troubles

OITNB star's gate offence

Danielle Brooks looks pretty first class to us.

"I hate when gate agents look at me like I've never flown first class," Danielle Brooks said.

Protect your data when travelling

Some hackers are employing hard-to-notice tactics to steal your information from public places.

Some hackers are employing hard-to-notice tactics to steal your information from public places.

Crushed phone sparks flight fire

The phone caught fire during a Qantas flight from Sydney to Los Angeles on June 21.

A smartphone erupting into flames aboard a longhaul flight above the Pacific has investigators trying to figure out how it ignited.

How to survive Beijing's smog

A man dons a mask to combat heavy pollution in Beijing, China.

An unfortunate combination of coal-burning and an enveloping mountain range is choking Beijing.

Auckland flights delayed video

Fog hangs over Auckland Airport, causing delays and cancellations to some flights.

Travellers using Auckland Airport faced foggy conditions that caused delays and cancellations on Thursday morning.

Flight attendants share scary experiences

Flight attendants have shared some of their most scary mid-air experiences.

Dealing with deaths mid-flight, severe turbulence, and emergency landings is all in a day's work.

Dog attack shows value of travel insurance

One of the dogs managed to get his teeth on my husband's calf, leaving him with a cut.

I thought we were going to be mauled by stray dogs in the middle of New Delhi.

Orlando copes with triple tragedies video

Orlando is the theme-park capital of the world, with 66 million visitors last year. However a trio of tragedies has ...

Orlando is trying to recover after a trio of tragic events struck the tourist destination.

Deadly attack at Turkish airport video

A relative of a Ataturk Airport suicide bomb attack victim waits dejectedly outside Bakirkoy Sadi Konuk Hospital.

Death tolls continue to rise, with at least 36 people reportedly killed in blast at airport.

Man forces air hostess to take selfie

The incident occurred on a Jet Airways flight.

He was arrested after grabbing a flight attendant and forcing her to take a selfie.

'Into the Wild' bus hunters rescued

Emile Hirsch starred in the 2007 film Into the Wild.

The pair were trying to reach an abandoned bus made famous by the book and film, but took a wrong turn.

Need to know: Travellers in Istanbul

Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey.

At least 28 are dead after explosions at an airport in Istanbul. Here's what travellers need to know.

'I just escaped death!' video

Fire burns on the right wing of a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER aircraft originally bound for Milan.

Lee Bee Yee was glad to be alive after witnessing the flames engulfing the wing of a Singapore Airlines plane.

Wrong child's photo used in passport

Amie Thomson said passport officials "laughed off" her concerns.

The English mum says she was "laughed off" by officials after another child's photo was used in her son's passport.

Worst airline passengers ever

Airline passengers from hell have had their comeuppance via Passenger Shaming's social media accounts.

Discover what horrors flight attendants and fellow passengers have to put up with at 35,000 feet.

Plane erupts in flames video

The right wing of the plane erupted in flames after it landed at Changi Airport.

Passengers filmed as fierce flames and thick black smoke billowed from the wing.

Passengers flee down emergency slide

The tail-end of the aircraft was emitting smoke before the passengers were evacuated.

Passengers on an American Airlines flight at Heathrow were forced to evacuate when smoke filled the cabin.

How to protect children flying alone

Some airlines no longer allow unaccompanied minors to fly.

Pick a flight early in the day so there's less chance of delays and choose nonstop if available.

Turtle stood on for tourist photos

Photos show a child being helped to stand on the animal.

A loggerhead turtle suffered life-threatening injuries when tourists dragged it out of the sea to take photos.

Stupid things hotel guests do

The check-in staff are not your personal punching bag and they have the power to mess with your stay.

Whatever you do, don't threaten to write a bad review on TripAdvisor... that didn't end well for one guest.

Food poisoned at famous restaurant

Sushi is a food preparation method that originated in Japan.

A Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan has closed after 14 people got food-poisoning.

Vandal banned from all national parks

Casey Nocket's graffiti-like paintings appeared on National Parks around the US.

A graffiti artist who vandalised national parks has been banned from 524 million acres of public land.

Pains and perks of being tall

Jabin Botsford is taller than the ceiling at the Taj Mahal Palace, the opulent hotel in Mumbai.

Luggage with short handles and squatting for passport control are among the problems for tall travellers.

Oxygen masks fail, passengers panic

Oxygen masks dropped after the plane lost cabin pressure.

Passengers were left "gasping for air" when a plane lost cabin pressure and oxygen masks failed.

Naked man shocks commuters

The image of the naked man was immediately shared to Twitter.

Wearing nothing but a backpack, the man attempted to purchase train tickets before officials covered him up with a sheet.

Passengers, crew injured in turbulence

Flights of Air China are parked on the tarmac in Beijing, China.

Seventeen passengers and crew members were hospitalised after thunderstorms in China caused severe turbulence.

Pilot's sharp words with traffic control

The incident happened at Dublin Airport, Ireland on Sunday.

A British Airways pilot wasn't happy with delays but other pilots jumped to the defence of the traffic controller.

Girl allegedly groped on flight

The 13-year-old was allegedly groped during a flight from Dallas to Portland.

Unaccompanied minor's family sues American Airlines over failure to keep her safe, despite crew's concerns.

Plane forced back to Auckland

The live flight tracking software from FlightRadar24 shows the circle the plane completed.

Virgin flight to Samoa returned after two hours due to a minor technical issue.

Snaps with a dying shark

Men wearing t-shirts from a Hard Rock resort pose with a shark that was pulled thrashing from the sea.

Distressing video shows a shark being dragged from the sea onto the beach to be used as a photo prop.

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