Travel Troubles

Max Key in island paradise fire video

fiji fire

Prime Minister's son named among party goers caught up in a dramatic fire at a Fiji resort.

Staff caught playing 'toss the bag' video

Alaska Airlines have said in a statement that the suitcase the handlers threw was a "dummy bag".

Airline issues apology after members of staff were caught trying to throw luggage the furthest at a US airport.

Strong winds cancel flights video

A plane has a rough landing in Wellington.

Planes are cancelled and drivers are being warned to take care as high winds slam Wellington.

Lighter-smuggler gets flying ban

A passenger attempted to smuggle a lighter past airport security, by hiding it in his mouth.

This passenger's "oddly-shaped mouth" tipped airport authorities off.

'Filthy Towers' hotel exposed

The hotel have been nicknamed 'Filthy Towers' by TripAdvisor users.

Trip Advisor users have exposed one of Britain's dirtiest hotels.

'Dynamite' text gets passenger booted video

Four passengers were removed from a Spirit Airlines flight after a woman allegedly saw a text that said "dynamite".

Four passengers were removed from a flight after a fellow passenger said she saw one of them receive a text with the word "dynamite".

Passenger steals boarding pass

"He tried to make it seem like it was a mistake, that the boarding pass printed incorrectly".

"He tried to make it seem like it was a mistake, that the boarding pass printed incorrectly".

Fresh passenger plane shame

Passengers behaving badly as shared on the Instagram page Passenger Shaming.

It’s not uncommon to come across an obnoxious passenger, but these take it to a whole new level,

Laser burns pilot's eye

UK pilot has suffered serious damage to his eye after a laser was shone in the cockpit of a landing plane.

A British pilot has been left with damage to his retina after a laser was shone into the cockpit of a landing plane.

The worst passenger of all time?

Jasbir Singh Bharaj caused $6000 worth of damage to the plane during his air rage incident.

British flier jailed after threatening to punch a stewardess, biting a police officer and rubbing wine on his genitals.

Lightning storm captured from plane video

Lee Carseldine shared the incredible light show with his Twitter followers.

A passenger captured the moment the sky came alive, all from the seat of a plane.

Hilton hotels hit by malware

Hilton said customers who used their cards during a 17-week period in either 2014 or 2015 were advised to check their bank statements.

Hotel chain operator says it has identified malware in some payment systems that targeted payment card information.

Traveller treated like 'fat criminal' video

Shelley was asked to leave the aircraft, but was allowed to re-board after the complainant moved to another seat.

Passenger claims he was almost kicked off a flight because he was "too fat to fly".

Plane with engine issues lands without incident

Emergency services were called to the New Plymouth airport after a plane reported an overheated engine. The plane landed without issue and no one was injured.

A plane in the air that was having engine troubles sent emergency services racing to New Plymouth Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

'Misunderstanding' over bomb scare

.A passenger accused of making a bomb threat has demanded an apology.

A passenger has demanded an apology after his 'bomb threat' saw a plane diverted.

Airline loses dancer's leg

Amercian Airlines sent Twitter into a storm after losing the prosthetic limb of Adrianne Haslet.

American Airlines were slammed after losing the bag of a Boston Marathon bombing survivor, with her prosthetic limb inside.

Flight diverted after bomb threat

A bomb threat forced a Turkish Airlines flight to divert due to a bomb threat.

A bomb threat forced a Turkish Airlines flight from New York City to Istanbul to divert and land in Canada, police said.

Arabic-speaking men thrown off flight

A Southwest Airlines Co. Boeing Co. 737.

Two men were grounded in the US for speaking Arabic, as anti-terrorism paranoia rages.

Travel warning raised for Belgium and France video

Belgian police stage a raid in Brussels, in search of suspects linked to the deadly attacks in Paris.

Authorities have upped the travel alert for Belgium and France.

Winds force pilot to abort landing video

The plane was turned sideways by strong crosswinds.

Video captures the unnerving moment a pilot aborts landing after strong winds changed the plane's direction.

Drones pose more risk to planes than birds

Hobbyist drones are large enough to severely damage the engines of a typical mid-size airliner.

Even small toy drones can pose a significant hazard to conventional planes in a collision.

Cruise ship passengers rescued

Le Boreal's passengers and crew were rescued after a fire broke out on board.

Over 300 passengers and crew rescued after a fire broke out on a French cruise ship after a fire broke out

Woman fought to open plane door

Experts say there would be no way to open an exit door mid flight.

After attempts by a drunk woman to open up a door mid-flight, experts assure travellers it's not possible.

Passengers removed from flight

CAIR believed the passengers ethnicity played a part in the incident.

Passengers removed from flight after woman complained a "Middle Eastern man" was watching news on his phone.

Thai airports cancel flights due to lanterns

Most of Thailand celebrates the festival by releasing lanterns into the sky.

Flights in northern Thailand cancelled to avoid lanterns released by revellers during upcoming festival.

Tourists think twice about Paris

An armed French soldier patrols at Nice international airport in Nice, France as security increases after last Friday's series of deadly attacks in Paris.

Fresh violence on the streets of Paris and bomb threats against Air France flights have rattled the global tourism industry.

Air France flights cleared of threats

Emergency personnel are shown on the tarmac at Salt Lake City International Airport in this photograph taken by passenger Keith Rosso from a seat inside Air France flight 65.

Authorities cleared two Air France flights bound for Paris from the US that were diverted by bomb threats.

Flights diverted after security scare

Emergency personnel are shown on the tarmac at Salt Lake City International Airport in this photograph taken by passenger Keith Rosso from a seat inside Air France flight 65. Two Air France flights en route to Paris from the United States were diverted because of security issues.

Two Air France flights that took off from the US were later diverted after security issues were detected.

Air NZ glitch fixed

Air New Zealand passengers are warned to expect delays.

Air New Zealand has resolved a technical issue which affected check-in for flights worldwide.

Passenger tried to open door video

The plane was reported to be Flight 213 from London's Heathrow Airport.

Woman on flight to Boston restrained after trying to open a door on a passenger jet, police say.

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