Travel Troubles

Passengers force politicians out of plane video

Rehman Malik

Angry passengers have forced two prominent Pakistani politicians off a plane accusing them of causing a two-hour delay.

Laments and long lines

ON STRIKE: An Air France Airbus A380 aircraft takes off at Charles-de-Gaulle airport, near Paris.

Thousands of passengers have faced long lines, slept overnight on couches, and hawked over e-mail for flight updates.

On the edge

LONG WAY DOWN: The Pulpit rock cliff rises about 600 metres above a long and narrow fjord.

Hiker Fred Sirevag was taking in the view when he saw parents let their baby get a little too close to the edge.

Mexico to airlift tourists

STRANDED TRAVELLERS: Tourists walk past debris after Hurricane Odile hit La Paz, in Baja California. Hurricane Odile whipped through the popular beach resorts of Mexico's Baja California peninsula.

Mexico will begin airlifting thousands of stranded tourists out of the hurricane-ravaged resort area.

Plane shoots out flames video

Plane shoots out flames.

Seats over the wing of an aeroplane are said to be the safest, but what if the engine is shooting flames?

Ebola scare affects tourism

DAMAGED BRAND: The head of Gold Coast Tourism says the sensational reporting of the recent Ebola scare has damaged the region's brand as a holiday destination.

Gold Coast Tourism says sensational reporting of the Ebola scare has damaged the region's brand.

MH198 flight turns around

Malaysia Airlines

A Malaysia Airlines flight, which was forced to turn around because of an auto-pilot defect, has landed safely.

Policy leaves passenger out of pocket

Canada and the US east coast come closer with Qantas and Air NZ codeshare deals.

We've all been there: you ring a call centre to inquire about an account, only to realise you don't have your reference number. 

Qantas 'fobs off' complaint

Struggling to do the math: Qantas miscalculated a plane's take-off weight by using adult weight numbers on a flight where children made up more than half of the passengers.

Dear [insert name], Qantas takes your complaint very seriously, honest.

Boeing's 'Broken Dreams'

Boeing's 787-9 Dreamliner.

A new documentary shows that Boeing workers are too scared to fly in the 787 Dreamliner.

Lufthansa cancels 140 flights


Germany's largest airline has cancelled hundreds of flights after pilots walked off the job.

Fog disrupts flights

SHROUDED IN FOG: Christchurch has woken up to a city covered in fog, causing flight delays and cancellations.

Christchurch rose to a city shrouded in fog today that has forced flight delays and cancellations.

Lufthansa pilots to strike


The airport is Lufthansa's second busiest, and the strike will disrupt hundreds of departures.

Air NZ flight delayed

DELAYED FLIGHT: The damaged plane on the tarmac in Noumea.

An Air New Zealand plane is stuck in a Noumea airport after another plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

London's Luton Airport reopen

AIRPORT ON ALERT: A view of the crowds of people waiting to get a flight at London Luton Airport after a "suspect package" was found.

Hundreds of passengers were evacuated and flights were suspended for hours on Monday from Luton Airport near London after a suspicious package was found in a security-screening area.

Stress causes air rage

Airplane passengers relax during flight cabin sleep; air; aircraft; airplane; attractive; business; businessman; businesspeople; businesswoman; cabin; caucasian; comfort; commercial; female; flight; fly; indoor; inside; interior; jet; luxury; male; man; passenger; people; plane; private; relaxing; seat; sit; sleeping; smart; suit; tablet; tourism; transport; transportation; travel; trip; wireless; woman; young

With airlines packing more people onto every plane, frustration among passengers is boiling into rage

Centipede bags first-class upgrade

CABIN CREEPY CRAWLY: This 10cm centipede cause a bit of a commotion on a flight from Apia to Auckland.

Passenger flying to Auckland got a creepy crawly surprise that started with a tickle on the leg.

Things not to do when you travel

TROPHY HUNTERS: Crusaders George Whitelock, Tyler Bleyendaal, Sam Whitelock, Tom Taylor and Ben Funnell with guides on a hunt in South Africa.

No Nazi salutes in Germany, don't insult Thailand's king and especially don't do this.

Knitting woman diverts flight video

Plane, generic, strap

It's the third time a flight has been diverted due to a spat over a reclining seat and this time a video has emerged too.

Malaysia's marketing gaffe

THAT'S EMBARRASSING: Malaysia Airlines appears to have pulled the bucket list competition.

Malaysia Airlines has asked its customers to list the things they would most like to do before they die.

Recline rancor

CONTROVERSIAL: The Knee Defender is designed to stop a passenger sitting in front of you reclining their seat.

The man who sparked a debate over reclining seats says he's embarrassed.

Completely routed

UH OH: Satnav guides family's rental car to a staircase in Bari.

When a sat-nav steers you in the wrong direction, humiliation ensues.

Reclining seat spat No 3

Plane generic

There's no law against reclining seats on airplanes, but that doesn't mean they aren't causing problems.

Ferry woes once again

The Interislander ferry Kaitaki prepares to sail while docked in Wellington Harbour.

Delayed passengers booked on two Cook Strait ferries are the latest casualties of Interislander's ferry woes.

A bout of 'terrifying' turbulence

SCARY FLIGHT: An easyJet flight from Gatwick to Naples hit severe turbulence, injuring those on board.

A Naples-bound flight hit such severe turbulence that crew members were flung into the air - one broke a hip and another was knocked unconscious.

Cracked windshield forces jet back

SHATTERED WINDSHIELD: Glenn Kagan posted this photo on his Facebook page with the caption: "This is the shattered window from my sister's flight."

An jet bound for North Texas had to return to Los Angeles International Airport after the front windshield cracked.

'It's like smoking on a flight'

In-flight seat recline

This is a story about people behaving badly. But it's also about civility, public space and modern air travel.

Planes grounded in Germany


Thousands of passengers are feeling the impact of a pilots strike in Germany.

Computer hitch causes delays

FLIGHT DELAYS: A computer glitch caused massive flight delays at Madrid's Barajas airport.

Spain's airport authority says a computer glitch in its automated air traffic control system has caused flight delays.

Angry passenger attacks worker

People check flight times ona schedule board at LaGuardia Airport in New York.

Police say an angry passenger punched and kicked an airline employee while looking for his bag at New York's LaGuardia Airport.