Travel Troubles

'Kick them ... they spit out money'

Australians Mark Ipaviz, Nick Russian and Simon Phan holidaying in Bali. The men allegedly paid a bribe to police after hiring strippers at a buck's night in Seminyak.

Bali police see tourists as ATMs - so when seven Aussies hired a stripper, it was an opportunity.

Model sneaks cat on flight, drama ensues

Czech model Zaneta Hucikova with her cat Victoria, from her Facebook page.

US fighter jets were scrambled and an airliner diverted after a European model brought a cat on board.

'I'll do drugs in New Zealand'

"He made admissions about using cannabis and MDMA and said if he was offered he would do drugs again."

A British tourist who told border officials he would take illegal drugs was denied a visa to enter NZ.

'I felt an unnatural thump'

Southwest planes in wing clip

Two Boeing 737s collided at a US airport, tearing the wing tip off one of the planes.

Misfiring cork grounds jet

A cork that misfired mid-air was bad news for EasyJet passengers on a flight between Britain and Turkey.

A flight from Britain to Turkey had to be grounded after a misfiring champagne cork brought down oxygen masks. 

A trail of perilous sinkholes

Israel's shrinking Dead Sea leaves a trail of perilous sinkholes

The Dead Sea, a top spot for tourists, is shrinking at a rather alarming rate.

Pilots reveal close calls

Pilots reveal the most harrowing near-misses they've experienced (while the passengers had no idea about the danger)

Warning: if you have a fear of flying, this stomach churning discussion isn't for you.

Passengers in midair brawl

Pepper spray fumes filled the cabin after two women got into a fight as their flight arrived at NY.

Pepper spray fumes filled the cabin after two women got into a fight as their flight arrived at NY.

Drunk tourist falls asleep in weirdest place

Drunk tourist caught napping on top of bridge in Malaga, Spain

After a few too many drinks, a nap on top of a bridge seemed like the most logical thing to do.

Flight attendant 'too fat to fly'?

Qingdao Airlines has strict weight requirements for its cabin crew.

An airline in China has reportedly grounded a flight attendant over weight requirements.

'Too drunk to fly'

When her expensive bottle of cognac couldn't be taken on board, she drank the entire 700ml.

When her expensive bottle of cognac couldn't be taken on board, she drank the entire 700ml.

Teen girls 'go berserk' on flight

Two women were escorted off a Qantas plane after a violent incident on board. Photo:.

Two 'volatile and dangerous' girls had to be restrained before police escorted them off the plane in Australia.

Airport shuts down over toy grenade

San Francisco International Airport shut down when a toy hand grenade was found in luggage.

A toy hand grenade found in luggage shut down San Francisco Airport.

Woman crash lands plane

A Spanish woman has survived a crash landing of an micro-light plane after her pilot husband collapsed mid-flight.

"You're going to continue and you're going to land without any problem, OK?"

Couple's meltdown tweeted

"This guy just broke up with his girlfriend and she's SOBBING": Kelly Keegs live-tweeted the split.

As far as in-flight break-ups go, at least it wasn't the fuselage.

Deadly poison discovered in maracas

Seeds inside a pair of souvenir maracas, like these, were found to contain a deadly poison.

Not unlike a scene from a James Bond movie: a couple were caught at the airport with a deadly poison in a pair of maracas.

Woman bites rider on NY subway

Commuters wait for the subway during their morning commute in New York.

A woman took a bite out of another passenger in a dispute over a seat on a crowded subway.

NYC looks to curb topless women

A policeman looks on as women pose for tips wearing nothing but body paint and underwear in Times Square in New York.

A task force want to rein in topless women and costumed cartoon characters who hassle tourists at New York's Times Square.

Man tasered on plane over 'man purse'

A man, adamant on "wearing his man purse", has been tasered and arrested onboard an easyJet plane.

The carry-on limit is no joke for easyJet, with staff calling the cops on a man with too much luggage. 

Delta jet struck by lightning video

The amateur footage shows lightning hitting the back of the plane on the runway.

Amazing footage captured during an electrical storm in Atlanta shows lightning strike a plane.

Forced to sit by vomit

A passenger on a Ryanair flight was forced to sit next to vomit after cabin crew on the budget airline refused to clean the mess.

'The plane was warms, the sick smelled and it made me heave.'

Thai blast strikes blow to tourism

People pray and pay their respects at the Erawan Shrine  in Bangkok, Thailand.

The bomb blast that ripped through a Bangkok shrine is certain to take its toll on tourism, the one bright spot in a sputtering economy.

'Bad old Times Square'

A woman who poses for tips wearing body paint and underwear poses for a photo in Times Square in New York.

Naked women posing for photos in Times Square are undermining efforts to keep the tourist area family friendly

Co-pilot blew 7 times limit before take off

The airBaltic flight was due to fly from Oslo to Crete.

A Latvian co-pilot who had a blood alcohol level seven times the legal limit before take off has been sentenced to six months jail.

'Someone just bit my ear off'

A passenger on a Jet2 flight bound for the party island of Ibiza allegedly had his ear bitten off.

Passengers on this flight were left horrified after a man came running through the cabin with his "ear hanging off".

Koala chases woman video

The koala chases Ebony Churchill's quad bike.

They are mythologised as cute and cuddly - but this koala has shown the animal's scary side.

Computer glitch causes 'flypocalypse'

Flight information including delays are on display on a screen at the Washington Dulles Airport.

"Delayed, delayed, delayed. I thought, 'Oh my gosh - am I ever going to get home?'"

Search on for missing cruise crew member

The Cunard liner Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool, Britain.

Foggy weather is hampering the search for a crew member who went overboard near Canada

Her Airbnb nightmare

Rachel Smith, a retired schoolteacher, says she never served breakfast to travellers who rented her guest bedroom through Airbnb. So she is exempt from the cdefinition of a "bed-and-breakfast" and the necessary permit to run one.

Rachel Smith claims she never served breakfast, so she's exempt from the definition of a "bed-and-breakfast".

Tourist steals relic to buy iPhone

The ancient archaeological site of Pompeii.

A teenage tourist tried to steal a roof tile from the ancient city of Pompeii to buy himself an iPhone.

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