Travel Troubles

Plane laser strikes explained

How bad is pointing a laser at a plane cockpit really? As it turns out: Bad. Very bad.

How bad is pointing a laser at a plane cockpit really? As it turns out: Bad. Very bad.

Laser strikers risk lives video

Laser strikers have again been causing problems for airline pilots.

Laser strikes can completely blind pilots - there is little they can do other than look away and hope.

Toothpick stops mid-air seizure

Tian Yu has been hailed a hero after stepping in to save a man's life.

A passenger was foaming at the mouth when a doctor stepped in with a toothpick and spoon.

Further laser strikes on planes

The plane was flying from Hamilton to Wellington when the incident happened over Upper Hutt.

Several laser strikes hit international flights into Auckland Airport, following a strike near Wellington.

Are these toilet door signs sexist?

All women think about is shopping while men are more interested in football, right?

Because all women think about shopping while men are more interested in football, right?

Cristiano Ronaldo's private jet crashes


Ronaldo, who bought the airplane for $27 million, was not on board at the time.

How I fell for a classic travel scam

One of the bustling markets off Jalan Malioboro in Yogyakarta.

It wasn't until I was handing over the wads of cash that alarm bells started ringing.

Need to know: Indonesia volcano eruption video

Mount Barujari is seen erupting from Bayan district, North Lombok, Indonesia.

A danger zone of three kilometres has been declared around Mount Barujari's crater.

Why air rage is worse than ever video

An American Airlines pilot tackled one passenger to the floor after he tried to force his way off the plane as it taxied ...

Punching, slapping and verbal abuse; there were 10,854 incidents worldwide last year.

Flight turns back after seven hours

An Asiana Airlines pilot was forced to turn back hours into the long-haul flight after smoke was reported in the cargo area.

A pilot was forced to return hours into a long-haul flight after smoke was reported in the cargo area.

Tourists missing after volcano erupts

Mount Barujari erupted suddenly on Tuesday afternoon, delaying flights from airports in Lombok and nearby Bali.

Indonesia scrambles to find nearly 400 people unaccounted for after Mount Barujari erupts without warning.

$9m fine for rollercoaster crash video

Five people were seriously injured in a crash on Alton Towers' Smiler ride.

A British court has fined the tourist attraction group behind the serious crash at Alton Towers.

Bali ash cloud causes chaos

Passengers are seen checking the departure information board at Denpasar Airport on Tuesday night.

Volcanic activity has once again cancelled flights during the busy school holiday period.

Plane evacuated on landing video

Emergency services attend to flight 8159 from Wellington which filled with smoke after landing in Nelson.

A haze filled the cabin, leaving passengers coughing and forcing an emergency evacuation at Nelson Airport.

Airline workers on trial for violence video

A shirtless Xavier Broseta, Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Labour Relations at Air France, is ...

Two Air France bosses had to flee over a fence when protesters ripped their shirts off.

Delays expected at Sydney airport

Travellers are being warned to expect disruption and delays at Australian airports over the school holidays.

A series of rolling strikes by Border Protection staff begins this week and may last several days.

Hong Kong refuses transgender tourists

Two transgender women were sent back to Bangkok from Hong Kong International Airport.

Officials asked the women to sign documents confirming they had completed full gender reassignment surgery.

Tiny thieves steal tourist's watch

The girls' pickpocketing technique was revealed when the couple later looked back through their holiday snaps.

Man captures the moment two Thai children robbed his girlfriend at a temple, without her even noticing.

Should reclining seats be banned?

Reclined seats often spark arguments between air passengers.

We all know the feeling of mid-flight frustration when your knees are jammed against the seat in front of you.

Lion teaches tourists a lesson video

The lion showed he was sick of being followed by the car load of tourists.

Never get on a lion's nerves, especially if your car window is down.

Iguanas on a plane?

The passenger had tried to bring four iguanas in his luggage, but only two could be found.

A WestJet flight was grounded after two iguanas were discovered to be on the loose.

Jet blast takes out car video

The blast from the jet engines takes hold of the nearby car.

Don't leave your car behind a passenger jet when it's about to take off.

Bed bugs on British Airways flight

Paul Standerwick said he was left with scars all over his body following the bed bug-infested flight.

A disgusted passenger says he was left with more than 100 bed bug bites all over his body.

Man buys plane ticket for doll

Sara Novic was seated next to the doll on not one, but two flights.

Imagine if "The Conjuring" was set on a plane. We'll be flying with one eye open.

Early airport drinks sparking air rage

One airline has issued life-long bans to 22 people this year.

Everyone likes a quick tipple to kick off their holiday but is it normal to drink at 6am?

UN calls for more airport security

Police secures a Frankfurt airport terminal after Terminal 1 departure hall was evacuated in Frankfurt, Germany,  August ...

The United Nation's most powerful body wants increased screening at airports to detect terrorist attacks.

Auckland Airport security under spotlight

Auckland Airport's domestic terminal was thrown into "chaos" by a security breach, with people forced to go back through ...

A security breach at Auckland Airport on Thursday was one of 200 similar incidents in the past two years.

Smoke fills cabin, engine shuts off

Jetstar flight JQ956 from Sydney to Cairns was diverted to Brisbane after a technical issue with one of the engines saw ...

A Jetstar flight was left with just one engine after an incident where the cabin filled with smoke.

Mexico warning for Kiwi travellers

A tomb at the ruins of the Mayan city of Palenque in the hills of the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.

Kidnappings and violent crime leads to new advice to Kiwis to avoid three statesĀ in Mexico.

Suing for 'obese spillover'

Emirates allegedly refused to let the man initially move seats or offer an apology. Now he's suing.

Passenger says nine-hour flight to Dubai was made deeply uncomfortable by obese man's "spillover".

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