The saucy secrets of a Virgin flight attendant

Last updated 08:19 14/05/2014
Mandy Smith
TROLLY DOLLY: Mandy (L) has partied with Calvin Klein models, met Branson and sang with Ronan Keating.
Mandy Smith
SKY-HIGH EXPLOITS: "I made amazing friends and went all over the world," she said.
Mandy Smith
SIZZLING SECRETS: Mandy Smith, 40, has released a book about her 10-year stint flying with the Sir Richard Branson-owned Virgin Atlantic.

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Extravagant parties, head-butts and constantly smelling of farts are all part of the life of an air stewardess, according to one retired stewardess.

Mandy Smith, 40, has released a book about her 10-year stint flying with the Sir Richard Branson-owned Virgin Atlantic.

The former "Trolley Dolly" from England said it was not just about fun and games in first class and glamorous locations, the MailOnline reported.

In fact, being groped, having food thrown at her and looking after a woman who'd suffered a miscarriage in the economy toilets - all the while maintaining an air of calm professionalism - were more common.

"Obviously we had a lot of fun times but I did leave a lot out because I didn't want it to seem like that was all we did," she said.

The premium economy section of the plane was the worst part for rowdy passengers because they thought they were better than people in economy but could not afford the things people get in first class, she said.

"I had a man throw pizza in my face once because he said it wasn't good enough for his son to eat."

That was not to say that there wasn't a fair bit of trouble in first class as well, including the time the mother of a very famous American star, travelling without her son, head-butted one of Smith's colleagues, causing her nose to break.

"She boarded and threw her fur coat at me, ordering me to store it away, I knew then that she'd be trouble.

"It's also public knowledge that she and her son don't get on very well. She had a few drinks throughout the flight and took sleeping pills, then all of a sudden went crazy and had to be wrestled to the ground.

"She head-butted my colleague who was merely trying to restrain her outburst, and her nose burst open and I don't even think she ever apologised. We have to put up with a lot!"

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Although there were some horror mid-air stories, she also had a lot of fun during layovers.

"We once had a week in St Lucia, staying in a top hotel for free. There was a group of us and it was one big party.

"After a few drinks in our rooms we all went skinny dipping in the sea, but someone ran off with our clothes.

"Not only did we have to head back through the hotel completely naked, but one girl lost a bet so had to swim in every pool of the hotel, naked, before she was allowed back.

"It was like an office Christmas party, but lasting several nights every month."

She had partied with Calvin Klein models, met Branson and sang with Ronan Keating.

But the mile-high club was out of the question for most stewardesses, she said.

"The book charts 10 years and in that time I knew of only two instances where cabin crew messed about - one stewardess on my flight was caught giving oral sex to a steward but she was sacked on the spot, they take that very seriously."

By far the worst thing about the job was what it did to her body - increased flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and missing periods were all common.

"Going up and down so often plays havoc with the gases released in your body and the different time zones and poor diet really mess you up too.

"Every crew member has IBS and I didn't have a period for seven months because my body clock was so all over the place.

"I made amazing friends and went all over the world," she said.

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