Flight fright as part of plane wing falls off

20:50, May 15 2014
Cityjet Plane
UH OH!: Cole Moreton tweeted this picture of the plane's wing on his flight to Florence.

Passengers looking out of the window of a Florence-bound flight were met with an unexpected view when part of the jet's wing fell off.

The 61 passengers on board the CityJet flight from  London to Florence were terrified when they heard a loud bang shortly after take off, and a section of the left wing almost two metres long detached from the plane.

British journalist Cole Moreton was on board the flight, and described the confusion as passengers alerted cabin crew, who then appeared to inform the pilot.

"The bang made people jump and was alarming then we sat there thinking this isn't right, surely?" Moreton said to The Telegraph.

Despite the damaged state of the Avro Rj85, the pilot circled the Thames estuary and managed to land safely after discussions with maintenance experts on the ground.

A CityJet spokesman said the cover of the operating mechanism on the wing became partially detached just after the plane had taken off from London City Airport.


A replacement place was found, and the flight took off for Florence again about an hour later.

An internal investigation into what caused the problem is expected to take place.

Our @cityjet to Florence bang on take off and forced to turn back after part of the wing fell off. pic.twitter.com/INe1LVCmUe

Back on the ground @cityjet not looking good. pic.twitter.com/5aBtdhUjBX