Why are passengers such pigs?

23:02, Jul 22 2014

Their jobs might seem glamourous but flight attendants actually have to put up with a lot.

From fighting soccer fans and fashion models screaming obscenities to unruly, drunk passengers, it can be more than a little exhausting.

But one flight attendant witnessed a complete break down in social graces, according to News.com.au.

Ashely Peyton tweeted this picture of a passenger on a United Airlines flight, adjusting the overhead light with their foot.

The tweet was instantly met with disbelief and disgust at the unhygienic gesture.

Studies have shown that germs can live for days on surfaces in airline cabins. We recommend carrying lots of hand sanitiser on your next flight!

Had to share this pic from a fellow FA. @sassystewrants get a load of this! #flyingfeet #YoureTheWorst pic.twitter.com/6TFyBnzgI8

What's the most disgusting thing you've seen a passenger do? Does this incident make you thing twice about touching the overhead dials? Leave a comment below.