Pilot's arm detaches, causing 'nightmare' landing

NIGHTMARE TRAVELS: A Flybe plane takes off from Birmingham Airport.

NIGHTMARE TRAVELS: A Flybe plane takes off from Birmingham Airport.

A pilot has lost control of a passenger plane after his prosthetic arm became detached during landing.

The Flybe plane was coming into land at Belfast City Airport from Birmingham in the UK.

Dark, gusty conditions and time constraints meant that the pilot had to continue to guide the plane into landing with one hand, without the help of his co-pilot.

After a regular landing, the plane bounced and then hit the tarmac really heavily, resulting in a ‘nightmare landing’ for the crew and 47 passengers aboard, according to the Irish Mirror.

The co-pilot was then able to reduce the speed and bring the aircraft to a halt.

According to a BBC news report, there were no injuries and the plane was not damaged.

The 46-year-old pilot had checked that his  prosthetic arm was attached correctly before coming in to land.

During the manual landing he began the ‘flare’ manoeuvre, which is conducted just before touchdown, when his limb became detached, depriving him control of the aircraft.

In a statement Flybe, said the senior captain, who had more than 8000 hours of flying experience, was a ‘most experienced and trusted pilot’ and the safety of his crew and passengers had not been compromised in any way.

Flybe’s director of flight operations and safety said it was proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and the safety of passengers and crew was paramount.

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After an internal investigation, Flybe said safety checks had been implemented to ‘ensure this type of incident could not happen again’.

The pilot was not disciplined after the scare.

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