Bomb scare on Jetstar flight

Police are speaking to a man over an alleged bomb threat on a flight from Christchurch to Auckland this morning. 

The Jetstar plane left Christchurch about 8am and landed at Auckland Airport an hour and a half later.

A Jetstar spokesman said a passenger on flight JQ246 "made some inappropriate remarks".

The plane landed without incident and the passenger was met by police on arrival. 

"As with every Jetstar domestic flight in New Zealand all passengers were screened by security at Christchurch Airport before boarding the aircraft," he said.

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The Manukau police command centre confirmed there had been a bomb threat. 

The Aviation Security Service (Avsec) was notified at 9.37am. 

It sent an Explosive Detector Dog Unit (EDDU) to Gate 23 and searched passengers and all carry-on bags for signs of explosives. 

The airline asked the unit to check the plane's baggage hold. 

Avsec National Group Operations Manager Karen Urwin said an explosive detector dog and its handler were at the plane "within minutes of the call".

"We had the entire plane and luggage hold searched and cleared within 13 minutes.  You cannot afford to waste any time in these situations." she said.

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"All areas and passengers were cleared and there was no risk to passengers of property."

Police interviewed the passenger and would determine if any charges needed to be laid, Unwin said. 

An airport staff member, who wished to remain anonymous, said the plane's captain called ground staff and asked for police to be present when the plane landed.

Passengers were kept on board until police arrived and staff were later told someone had claimed there was a bomb on the aircraft, he said.

The staff member said he saw a young man being taken away by police.

It was believed the man was the person who claimed there was a bomb on board the plane, he said. 

 - The Press


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