Woman standing behind jet plane takes off

There are holiday thrills and then there is utter, utter madness.

A woman at a Caribbean plane-spotters' paradise has been blasted into a wall by the jet wash from an aircraft preparing to take off.

The incident happened at Maho Beach on the island of Saint Martin, where standing in the turbulence behind planes appears to be a popular pastime.

The beach is right next to Princess Juliana International Airport, which has an extremely short 2180-metre runway meaning aircraft have to land and take off from as close as possible to the end of the track.

So popular is Maho Beach among plane-spotters that most of its bars and restaurants have daily departure and arrival boards.

The woman in this incident can be seen grabbing hold of a fence in the turbulence from a plane preparing to take off.

She tries to hold on but loses her grip and looks to be thrown head-first into a low wall. Bystanders rush to help her and it is unclear how badly she is hurt.

Signs on the beach warn of the risk of injury or death from plane jet blasts.