Woman jumps out emergency exit after plane lands in Houston

A woman jumped out the emergency exit upon landing in Houston.
YouTube/Hampton Friedman

A woman jumped out the emergency exit upon landing in Houston.

A woman on a United Airlines flight startled her fellow passengers when she jumped out the emergency exit as the plane was taxiing to the terminal.

Upon landing at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston on a flight from New Orleans, a woman got out of her seat, opened the emergency exit, and jumped out onto the tarmac.

"I realised when the door popped open and a woman stepped out of it," passenger Hampton Friedman told CNN.

Friedman was sitting across from the emergency exit door and posted a short video after the incident.

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"It's safe to say it was still (in the process of) taxiing," said airline spokeswoman Maddie King.

King said the woman was unhurt and was not charged.

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The plane arrived in Houston 30 minutes early according to passenger Cathy Cole, who posted photos of police boarding the plane while it was still outside the terminal.

The Houston Chronicle reported the woman was voluntarily taken to a nearby hospital for a mental health evaluation.

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