Anger at Auckland International Airport over China Southern Airlines delay


It's unclear whether police have been called to ease the situation at Auckland International Airport.

Passengers have demanded answers after a China Southern Airlines flight from Auckland International Airport was delayed for the second day in a row. 

Traveller Alex Lee posted on Facebook that passengers were "activating a mob" as anger boiled over after the flight was cancelled yesterday due to engineering issues.  

Passengers were told the flight would leave at 11am on Monday, but the flight was still grounded, Lee said. 

"Mob" of angry passengers demand answers after flight is delayed twice in two days.

"Mob" of angry passengers demand answers after flight is delayed twice in two days.

"China Southern Airlines...this is not acceptable!!!!" Lee wrote.

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A China Southern Airlines flight.

A China Southern Airlines flight.

"Flight cancelled yesterday told we will fly today...we all came in early again. The departure time has now passed and noone is informing us what is happening." 

A video he posted to Facebook showed a large contingent of passengers shouting at staff at the gate. 

At 3pm Lee wrote police had arrived to defuse the situation. Auckland International Airport staff said police had not been called. 

They declined to comment further.

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The plane was grounded after it failed a fitness to fly test, NZME reported. 

China Southern Airlines have been contacted for comment. 

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