Catherine Latu's thanks to fans

Dropped Silver Fern Catherine Latu says it had been a "rough couple of days".

Sheep urinates on TV reporter

Ewe could say it was the kind of live-stream TV report that gives you a warm feeling; a number one shot, even. 

NZ Post buggies a big hit

People were so keen to chat about the new postal cars, posties had to get creative with their excuses.

A walking miracle

Cancer was expected to kill this Taranaki dad within days of his daughter's wedding, but he fought back - and won.

Solar-powered plane breaks record

A plane powered by the sun's rays lands in Hawaii after a record-breaking five-day journey across the Pacific Ocean.

We all had a hand in Amy's fall

A new film suggests Amy Winehouse was let down by everyone, even her fans.

Windy night for Wellington

A windy night hit Wellington, with calm weather forecast for the weekend.

Shark feast caught on camera

Footage shows sharks feeding on a dead whale just off the NSW coast.

Gold Coast trip pays off

A welcome surprise for two fans who flew in from Aussie to soak up final fever.

Vilagrad food and wine fuels community spirit

Rubble from an early morning fire that ravaged the century old Vilagrad Winery in Ngahinapouri is being cleared for a new era and a reopening in October.

Greeks leaning to Yes vote

Survey shows Greek public slightly in favour of "Yes" in this weekend's referendum.

'A tragic, terrible accident'

Ashburton mother Cindy George and her three young children could have died up to a week ago, police say.

Ron Mark new NZ First deputy

Former NZ First deputy leader Tracey Martin puts support behind Ron Mark, who has taken over the role.

More homes for south Auckland

New developments at Drury and by Glenbrook steel mill will provide hundreds more homes, government says.

Tributes flow for 'great football mind'

AFL community in shock at the death of coach whose son has been charged with his murder.

Compelling documentary rebrands Russell

Russell Brand impassioned and convincing in The Emperor's New Clothes

Defying snow in Burkes Pass

The Corcorans are off the grid, well and truly, but have no trouble whatsoever dealing with wild weather.

Katherine Heigl to wed Alexis Bledel

Watch Katherine Heigl play the timely role of a lesbian whose decision to marry tears her conservative family apart.

The shellfish giant

The Lobster headed to NZ after making a big Cannes splash

Workmates become foes ahead of Super Rugby final

Lane Montgomerie and Jon Sharpe are good mates at work, but will become sworn enemies during Saturday's Super 15 final.

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