DJ Khaled will share son's birth

The snap-happy muso says you'll be able to watch parts of it live. If you've got the stomach for it.

Cars 'doing over 150kmh'

She heard the cars speeding past, then a bang. Four people were dead, and a passing driver trapped.

MP's tobacco rage

Marama Fox walks off TV set after comparing tobacco boss to Nazi Germany leader.

'I would have done it for free'

Sam Neill says working on Hunt for the Wilderpeople was nothing but a pleasure.

American Airlines takes off

The Auckland-Los Angeles flight breaks the monopoly Air New Zealand has enjoyed on the route since 2012.

Hell no, Nana won't go

"Money isn't everything," says an 82-year-old woman offered $27million to sell her home.

Brexit: Is Game of Thrones safe?

Jon Snow came back from the dead... but will Brexit be the end of him?

Parker to Joshua: 'Let's get it on'

Kiwi heavyweight shrugs off comments made by IBF world champion in lead-up to title defence.

Adorable cherry cat will steal your heart

Things cats love: Mice, balls of yarn... and cherries?

Carter's magic boot clinches title

Ex-AB helps his Paris club to French rugby glory - with only 14 men.

Portishead's tribute to murdered MP

The iconic British band have dedicated their comeback video to British politician Jo Cox.

A father-daughter dance with a difference

Julie Finkel came up with a plan to make her wedding day extra special for her deaf dad.

Brexit stuns investors

Global markets buckled and US$3 trillion was wiped off stocks as Britain voted to leave the EU.

Medical centre burns

Suspicious fire causes extensive damage to a medical centre in Wellington.

Can robots solve gender woes?

If our machines are simply a projection of us, can we design them to rewrite society's sexist scripts?

Brexit, then mayhem

Brexit campaign was among the most divisive ever waged in Britain, and chaos lies ahead.

Dory: Falls just short of classic

Video review: It's Memento! With fish!

Queenstown opens Winter Festival

Unseasonably warm temperatures haven't stopped 10,000 people officially welcoming winter in Queenstown.

Britons Google 'What is EU'

It seems a bit late to be wondering what the European Union is after you've decided to leave it.

Brown accused of beating manager

Singer Chris Brown has been accused of allegedly beating up his manager, Mike G.

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