Jono Pryor with KFC potato and gravy dripping down his face.

Jono, Ben's bouncy castle lunch

Lunch delivery goes down a treat with Jono and Ben during their Lake Taupo bouncy castle crossing.

Police recover body

Police close off the river walkway near Swarbrick landing on River road after a body was discovered.

Police cordon off riverside park after body found.

Pokeno locals living life in fast lane

7:47 PM  Pokeno the village famous for its 12 scoop ice cream cones is now one of the fastest growing places in the country.

New quake proposal welcomed

A proposal seeing councils prioritise buildings for quake remediation is being welcomed in Waikato.

Anti-vaccinators on 'flat earth'

A Canadian paediatrician says denying children immunisation, is like denying them the right to grow up.

Fleeing man: 'Can I get a ride?'

Neighbours direct police to fleeing man, who asks for an "urgent ride".

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Coromandel cottage fire

A Coromandel cottage was in flames when firefighters arrived.

3 min ago  Four engines, a four wheel drive and water tanker are on site.

Cheeky billboard riles rugby fans

3 min ago  A cheeky billboard from a rival rugby team in the heart of the Waikato has raised some eyebrows from fans.

Bottled water handed out

Waikato optometrist Paterson Burn eyes up Auckland


New earthquake proposal welcomed in Waikato

Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker said the city council supported any moves that would make buildings safer.

A proposal seeing councils prioritise buildings for earthquake remediation is being welcomed in the Waikato.

Spending habits begin at home

Teaching children how to manage their money needs to begin in the home.

Creating healthy money habits needs to begin in the home.

Mosquitoes as DNA drones

Mosquito feeding: Microsoft's Project Premonition is using the insect to predict the spread of diseases.

Microsoft's Project Premonition is using the insect as a biological drone to predict the spread of diseases.

HoloLens for hyper-conferencing

The Jedi Council meets via HoloNet in Star Wars: Episode III.

Microsoft's mixed reality technology will allow Jedi-like holographic calls between offices.

Simcro adds more businesses to its books

A Simcro drench gun in action

Simcro seeks aggressive growth as it buys up two businesses.


Cheeky billboard riles rugby fans

A message from Bay of Plenty in the heart of the Waikato has stirred rivalry between rugby fans.

A cheeky billboard from a rival rugby team in the heart of the Waikato has raised some eyebrows from fans.

Beaver back for Waikato

Stephen Donald will return to the Waikato NPC side via the bench this weekend.

World Cup hero returns to NZ rugby via bench for Saturday clash with rivals Auckland.

Secret Spirit one to beat

Tauranga trainer Jim Pender has Winor Elsa in the O'Leary's Fillies Stakes at Whanganui.

Jim Pender and crew take on Secret Spirit syndicate with Winor Elsa in O'Leary's.

Khan heads Kiwi hopes

Mongolian Khan, pictured winning the Australian Derby at Randwick in April, will lead Kiwi hopes in the 2015 Melbourne Cup.

Mongolian Khan leads strong list of Kiwi hopefuls in list of Melbourne Cup nominations.

Double triumph for Campbell

Jesse Campbell and Kaapachino continue to impress

Two wins in two classes for Jesse Campbell sees him pushing his case for Rio.


A life without credit cards

Reporter Rachel Thomas is averse to credit cards.

OPINION: To me, credit cards are tiny plastic reminders you've spent money you don't have.

Economic crisis is looming for New Zealand - and not just the farmers

More and more dairy farmers will hedge their economic bets by raising their own bobby calves - which will have an effect downstream.

OPINION: The economic crisis that few New Zealand politicians want to admit is looming could eventually force a refocussing of our trade negotiations offshore and our farms at home.

The madness of a loving family

Loving, irritating families are one of life's greatest gifts.

OPINION: Loving, irritating families are one of life's greatest gifts.

The Auckland effect

QV Registered value Chris Price.

OPINION: By now, we have all heard Auckland house prices are rising to record highs and there seems to be insatiable demand which is fuelling further increases.

How much contribution can any of us make to the nation?

We can't all be Winston Churchills - or Charles Darwins, or even part of the Swainson pantheon.

OPINION: Assessing your own historic legacy is a humbling business.

Life & Style

Big win for Cambridge teacher

Cushla Hounsell, her husband Pat and daughter Regan, 7, share their delight at the unexpected windfall.

Cushla Hounsell found it hard to keep her nose-crinkling delight under wraps on Monday afternoon.

Flag debate puts Hamilton in a flutter

A tino rangatiratanga flag was put in the hands of the sculpture Sapper Horace Moore-Jones in Hamilton.

A flag associated with Maori sovereignty flew briefly in Hamilton's main street.

Quilts a treasure for kids

Hellen Borrington has been making quilts for children in care.

Crafting good for the soul.

Lost and found in Italy

Passport, credit card, phone, the Holy Trinity of travel.

Travel is full of heart-stopping moments, not all of which are about ogling scenic wonders.

Guide biscuits gifted to local Foodbank

Cambridge Salvation Army envoy Jillian Smith with some of the local Brownies, from left, Caitlin Hill, Lucy Eastwood and Ella Welford. In the front is Sophie Howard.

Guide biscuits gifted to Cambridge Foodbank

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