KFC has raw deal meal surprise

Last updated 05:00 13/05/2014
Kay Barnett-Clark
RAW DEAL: Kay Barnett-Clark isn’t in a hurry for more KFC after she got this from the Te Awamutu store.

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Kay Barnett-Clark got a nasty surprise when she bit into her KFC chicken wing.

"It was dripping blood, it was foul," she said.

The Te Awamutu woman then checked another piece she'd got from the local shop and found it was also pink and bloody - as shown in the photograph.

"Imagine if a little child who didn't know that you don't eat chicken like that had eaten it.

"Or an elderly person who couldn't see, or even a pregnant lady. Someone can die if it's that bad."

KFC says the incident is "disappointing", but is satisfied it was a one-off after a thorough investigation.

Two weeks ago Barnett-Clark stopped into the Te Awamutu KFC around 7.15pm, and in her order was a three-pack of wings.

She munched through one in the dark car on the way home and thought it tasted a bit soft, a bit different, but kept eating.

When she saw the other wings - which she'd microwaved for a minute at home - she regretted it.

"I sort of sat up all night waiting to get really sick but nothing happened. So that was good," she said.

The next day she went back to the Te Awamutu store with the chicken but didn't get an apology or refund from the teenaged duty manager she spoke to.

So she laid a complaint through the KFC site, and the local KFC manager phoned on Sunday night.

He was extremely apologetic and assured her all cooking was temperature controlled and thermometer-checked.

The wings she bought were slightly bigger than normal and he suggested this could have caused the problem, she said.

The suggestion was backed by KFC general manager operations Jamie McKaughan, who said the incident was "disappointing".

"We have investigated the incident thoroughly and are satisfied that this is a one off incident that resulted from a supplier providing us with chicken wings that were not to our required specifications. This meant our normal cooking time wasn't long enough," he said.

"Great food and great service are our business, so we take it very seriously if we haven't met these standards and our customers' expectations."

KFC had an "excellent" food safety record which was largely due to strict procedures and systems that dictated and monitored how things were done internally and by suppliers, he said.

Barnett-Clark was satisfied with an apology but still concerned at how the meat was sent out.

"I just want them to make sure it doesn't happen again, so that no-one gets sick from it," she said. libby.wilson@fairfaxmedia.co.nz

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