Fraudster's extra jail time for perjury

22:04, Jun 23 2014
Frank Yeates
JAILED: Frank Allan Yeates, 62.

A Coromandel man jailed for promising bogus jobs in Australian mines has had his time behind bars extended after admitting he gave false evidence during his trial.

Frank Allan Yeates, 62, yesterday withdrew his not guilty plea via audio-visual link in the Hamilton District Court before being convicted and sentenced to a further eight months in prison by Judge Robert Spear.

Yeates is serving a jail sentence of two years and three months after being found guilty of four charges relating to his mining job scam in 2012.

Yeates set up the company AAAjobforyou NZ Ltd and held 11 seminars between February and June, 2012, in Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua and Papakura for people hoping to work in Australian mines.

Yeates defrauded his approximate 150 victims of about $99,000.

Yesterday, the judge said the perjury stemmed from a statement Yeates concocted that his "good friend" Lenny Miles had job vacancies for a mine he was going to set up.

The jury found Yeates guilty and police then made further inquiries which included questioning Miles, who denied writing the letter.

Spear said proffering the statement was "clearly a blatant attempt to lie your way out of culpability".

He said the charge of perjury went "right to the essence of the justice system that we have in this country" and a further eight months in jail was an appropriate sentence.