Burst pipe floods Taupo home

Last updated 12:15 24/06/2014

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A Taupo homeowner who ended up with a flooded house from a burst water main says it's the second time in months the same pipe has burst.

The Rifle Range Road homeowner, who declined to be named, said he was woken by the sound of dripping water Tuesday morning and thought something was wrong with his dehumidifier.

Instead a council water main had burst outside his property sending water gushing at about 200 litres a second into the lower level of his home.

''I got to the bottom of the stairs and felt water on my toes and thought oh s***,'' he said.

''I went out the door and you could see water gushing out down the footpath,'' he said.

''Normally with floods it just goes down the road but this coming straight into our place.''

''We are [partly] below the ground and usually don't have a problem because if it is raining really hard the catchment goes into soak holes. Surprisingly they were nearly keeping up with the water but I think it was just too much too quickly this time.''

He said major work now needed to be done to repair the damage to his house.

''We have got about 10 inches of water inside the house and it has gone under the stairs, into two carpeted bedrooms and the garage is just a mess,'' he said.

''I am picking the Gib will have to go as the bottom of it is quite damp and it has bowed the skirtings.''

''All our camping gear under the stairs and a huge tent will be soaked and they take ages to dry out. This will be a rebuild, its all got to go,'' he said.

He said it was the second time a pipe had burst in the road within a matter of months.

''It is the same pipe which burst further down the road around Easter, but it's an old pipe and sometimes this just happens,'' he said.

''Luckily our bedroom and bathrooms are safe, we now just have a house with a pool.''

Taupo District Council said the cause of the break is currently being investigated. 

Staff will work with the residents to resolve any issues resulting from the incident, council said.

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