Cupcakes for Waikato charities

'We do it to give back to the community'

Last updated 13:41 26/06/2014
cupcakes for charity
HUNGER BUSTER: Volunteering Waikato’s Heather Moore, Lorriane Hooper, Liddy Aislasi, and Margaret Drew enjoy cupcakes from Girl on the Swing.

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Anj Jones once dreamed about owning a business and now through her successful Hamilton shop she's giving back to those whose dream it is to help others.

The Girl on the Swing, a cupcake, gift and party supplies shop, announced via its Facebook page that it was going to donate leftover cupcakes to a charity, non-profit organisation or community group every day for that following week.

Every Friday the shop's staff ask people, via its Facebook page, to nominate worthy recipients and it is normally overloaded with responses.

The public comments and suggestions are written out and placed in a hat, with a winner selected at random. The lucky recipients so far have included Hamilton Homeless, Waikato Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Rainbow Place and most recently, Volunteering Waikato.

Hamilton Homeless shelters manager, Claire Chapman, was the first organisation to win the competition receiving about 150 cupcakes over a week, earlier this month.''While it is a personal choice what businesses do, I appreciate those who think outside the square and give their leftovers to those who are less fortunate,'' Chapman said.  

Monique Webb from Rainbow Place, a service which provides specialised therapeutic support for children and youths affected by death, said there was a boot full of cupcakes awaiting  one evening.

She said the initiative by The Girl on the Swing was fantastic, and wished more companies would do the same.

''If it is just going to go in the bin why not give back to the community, it is not costing them anything,'' Webb said.

 Waikato Hospital's Neonatal Intensive care unit said it was great to see  the service it provided the community had left an impression.

Volunteering Waikato was the most recent organisation to be nominated as  a winners. General manager Heather Moore said it  was a nice way for  The Girl on the Swing to use what it had in order to recognise the work of others.  

''It is clear that the staff at the Girl on the Swing have a passion for the community,'' Moore said.

When asked why she does it Anj said that it is a way to recognise the people who give their time to help others. 

''My sister and business partner, Jinine, came up with the idea and it makes myself and the team proud to be a part of the Girl on the Swing. We don't do it to be better then anyone else, we do it to give back to the community,'' she said.

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 *Emma Taylor is a Massey University Journalism student. 

- Waikato Times


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