Rant by Maori king's son

The Maori King has called for family crisis talks in Ngaruawahia after a video of his potty-mouthed son was posted on social media.

King Tuheitia has called his second son, Korotangi Paki, home to deal with the fallout following the video posted on the ‘‘Send the Maori king’s son to jail’’ Facebook page today.

In the 25-second expletive-laden outburst, Paki yells that he is the leader of a kapa haka group, as he staggers around and slaps his chest.

Others can be heard in the background, applauding and ‘wohooing’.

The Facebook page has more than 24,000 likes since it was launched six days ago in response to Paki avoiding drink-driving and theft convictions at Auckland District Court.

Judge Philippa Cunningham discharged Paki without conviction but imposed a special condition that he provide the court with evidence he did not have an alcohol problem or if he did, that he had addressed it with counselling.

It was not the first time Paki had been before the courts. He faced charges in 2011 after he crashed a Mitsubishi Lancer into a power pole on Riverview Rd in Huntly.

The Office of the King’s communications advisor Kirk MacGibbon said the king was dealing with his son through a family meeting. Neither the king nor Paki was available for an interview.

“This has turned into a smear campaign,’’ MacGibbon said. ‘‘The person who released it has done it for his own purposes.”

The video is thought to have been shot two years ago after Paki was kicked out of a school kapa haka team for bad behaviour and sent home.

“People will always use channels to express opinions, whether informed or not,’’ MacGibbon said.

MacGibbon said Paki was trying to move on from what happened and is making good progress with a rehabilitation plan.

MacGibbon said the voluntary agreement, Mana Tangata Plan, was a way of restoring mana to themselves and their victims and was part of a tikanga Maori approach to “righting the wrongs”.

“This will not affect the tribe’s mana. It extends far greater than the actions of one individual,’’ said MacGibbon.

“We are disappointed but will move ahead, this is just a distraction.”

Paki was at the centre of further controversy on Saturday when it emerged he had posted racist comments about a group of Asians to his personal Facebook page in December, along with the Nazi salute’’sieg heil’’.

Waikato Times