Job for ex-Hutton's worker - but many still looking

HAPPY WORKER: Darryl Anderson is happy to find a new job at well-known Waikato firm, Gallagher Group.
HAPPY WORKER: Darryl Anderson is happy to find a new job at well-known Waikato firm, Gallagher Group.

A former Hutton's factory worker has found employment at one of Hamilton's biggest companies.

Darryl Anderson featured in the Waikato Times on Saturday June 28, looking for a job.

Gallagher Group has employed him in its dispatch store.

Anderson was one of 125 workers made redundant after Goodman Fielder closed the old Hutton's factory on Lincoln St at the end of March.

Anderson said he cannot thank Gallagher enough. "Everyone's been so nice, helpful. It's a real eye-opener."

Anderson officially starts work tomorrow, but was allowed to begin yesterday morning. The job involves packing orders to be sent around New Zealand and overseas.

He got the job interview through recruitment agency Asset Recruitment.

Margaret Comer, Gallagher's corporate services executive, said Anderson was "the right person for the job".

"He interviewed really well. He's going into stores and we're happy to have him on board."

She said the company hires employees based on motivation.

"He has the experience and the attitude."

Anderson worked at the Hutton's factory for 16 years.

Gallagher currently employs three other ex-Hutton's workers in manufacturing.

Comer said the company is always looking for staff, particularly skilled workers such as mechanical engineers.

She said New Zealand Post has approached Gallagher about the possibility of taking on some of the 90 staff laid off from the Waikato Mail Centre.

Te Aroha Tihi, currently volunteering for First Union as redundancy support co-ordinator for redundant Hutton's staff, said about 38 workers were still looking for jobs.

He was happy to hear Gallagher had taken on four of the workers.

Tihi said the job search was hard, and companies were not obligated to take on the redundant workers.

"I'm hopeful. But as to whether or not I'm confident that something will come up, I can't say."

One of the workers still looking for work is Mark Colls. Colls worked at the Hutton's factory for six years, packing in the raw slicing section and also as a site cleaner.

He was one of three ex-Hutton's workers to attend a meeting with Labour Party leader David Cunliffe at the Trade Union Centre last week. Cunliffe and other Labour Party members addressed First Union, and ex-Hutton's workers were invited as well. Colls said: "I've been looking for employment but I haven't had any luck. I'm not fussy, I'll take anything."

He said he had a part-time job cleaning at the University of Waikato, but it was not nearly enough to live on. "I really just want something full-time."

Colls said he was a good worker. "Employers can be assured I'll turn up on time everyday and get it done."

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