Car slams into Thames house

04:05, Jul 22 2014
Thames, car v house
Thames resident Pauline Howe is relieved no one was seriously hurt when a car smashed into her front door.

A woman who's car crashed into a Thames house was understood to have been heading to hospital to see an ailing relative.

Pauline Howe was woken in the early hours of this morning by the sound of a car and watched from the window of her Williamson St home as the vehicle drove on the footpath across the road before careening through her front yard.

''I heard this crunching, breaking glass and I thought someone is breaking into that building across the road,'' Howe said.

''So I looked out the door and I saw this car...screaming at about 150mph on the footpath.

''It [was] just hurtling straight toward [the house], I [was] standing upstairs at our door and it just came straight underneath me.''

The car carved a chuck out of an outside wall and smashed an antique kauri  door with leadlights Howe's husband had spent a year restoring.


 ''It was quite a scary thing to see. It's unreal.''

Howe's husband, who asked not to be named, said he was surprised the car had mounted the kerb.

"The kerb out there is high and she went over that. Our fence is concrete, [she] went through that, and hit the veranda post.''

The driver was able to help herself into a waiting ambulance.

Waikato Times