Kennel delays telling owner dog escaped

WHERE'S JAZZI? Broden Miller, seven, is searching for his beloved dog with mum Cara Thomas and brother Kyah Miller, 11.
WHERE'S JAZZI? Broden Miller, seven, is searching for his beloved dog with mum Cara Thomas and brother Kyah Miller, 11.

Broden Miller has cried every night since his canine friend vanished.

Jazzi, an American Staffordshire X, escaped from a kennel in Te Rapa last week and hasn't been seen since.

 The dog escaped on Wednesday but seven-year-old Broden and his family weren't notified until Friday, when mum Cara Thomas got a phone call from the kennel owner.

MISSING: Jazzi, an American Staffordshire X.
MISSING: Jazzi, an American Staffordshire X.

Jazzi's tough, mum told him, but having been a bitterly cold week, worry and anger is beginning to mount in the Miller-Thomas clan.

Thomas dropped Jazzi off at Longtail Pet Motel on July 13, before the family headed down to Whakapapa ski field for a holiday.

''The bit that makes me really cross is if they had rung on Wednesday we would have come home and started looking.''

Kevin Wilmshurst, owner of Longtail Pet Motel said the delay was due to the incident happening later in the day.

''Maybe we were a little bit slow off the mark, but we were right in the middle of school holidays.''

Wilmshurst said he had gone into town to get a haircut around 3pm on Wednesday, then returned about 4.30pm to find the dog gone.

For those 90 minutes, the site was unmanned, but gates were locked and his wife was in the house next door, he said.

The dog had to scale a 2m diamond mesh fence to get out of the pen, then get over two other fences to free itself.

Wilmshurst said Jazzi's file did not state the dog was inclined to climb, and he denied Thomas had told him so when she dropped her off. 

''No, I wasn't told that.''

Thomas said she and her partner, Paul Miller, have ''moved heaven and earth'' searching for Jazzi.

Miller even kayaked along the Waipa River in search of the much-loved pooch after a suspected sighting near Whatawhata.

''Even the cats miss her,'' Thomas said.

Wilmshurst said the kennel would chain up dogs who are in danger of escaping.

''It's not the way we like to operate. We have a motel for normal pets. We can't build a motel for prisoners. You can get absolute security but [people] won't accept it as being friendly.''

Longtail is approved by AsureQuality. Its last audit was issued on March 31 and will be valid until October next year.

To pass AsureQuality's security standards, barriers must be at least 2m high to prevent the escape of animals or the entry of unauthorised persons.

Jazzi's home is in Glen Massey and her family believes she may be in the Whatawhata area or along the Waikato River.

If you see Jazzi phone Cara Thomas on 021 824 792.

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