Three-legged cats' canine bestie is missing

Last updated 12:00 24/07/2014
Jazzi the loved and lost dog.

RUNAWAY: Jazzi scaled several fences and escaped her boarding kennels while her family were on holiday.

Jazzi and her bestie
GUARDIAN ANGEL: Jazzi hanging out at home with her three-legged cat bestie.

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Our dog Jazzi, who is fond friends with our three cats and plays surrogate playmate to the kitten with high energy, is sadly lost and has been for a week.

This loved and lost American Staffy cross scaled multiple six-foot fences to escape her boarding kennel on a mission to return home to Ngaruawahia, near Glen Massey, while we were on holiday.

While we search high and low for our best friend, our cats are missing her too.

Her mad morning bolt out the door, we now realise, was to play perimeter patrol and keep the neighbouring cat at bay. Now our cats are having problems leaving the house due to the unwanted presence of a dominant cat taking over their territory in the absence of their staunch four-legged canine to the rescue.

She tolerated the cats stealing her bed, refusing to let her on it, and the kitten chasing her tail and her toes. A staunch-looking girl she is a big pussycat at heart and we all want her back.

Jazzi is friendly, loveable, loves people and is desperately missed by her family, and her bestie cats. She is micro-chipped, registered, spayed and wearing a purple collar with her registration tag. 

She has played guardian angel to our kids and our cats - especially our three-legged cat - and now she needs her own guardian angel.

We hope someone is looking out for her. We are doing everything we can to try to find her. Please help bring our girl home!

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