Furry pest invades woman's lounge

A wild animal invaded a Hamilton woman's lounge in the early hours of this morning and sent her scampering to the phone, panicked.

While New Zealand is not renowned for its fearsome suburban fauna, the Fairview Down's resident was shocked enough to dial 111 for help.

''Help,'' she said, ''there's a possum running around my lounge''.

Fire Service spokesman Jaron Phillips said they are not in the business of possum eradication and referred the matter to animal control.

The woman came to her door bleary eyed after daybreak and said the first she knew about the invasion was her flatmate's dog barking about 2am.

''I turned the light on and there it was. It was a decent sized male - I've seen quite a few in my life,'' the woman, who would not give her name, said.

The foreign territory didn't seem to faze the possum - it was at ease, the woman said.

''It came down the chimney, because that's the only way it could get in. It was climbing over the furniture trying to get out.''

The woman had no idea how to deal with the pesky marsupial and called emergency services.

The Fire Service turned her down and animal control never turned up leaving her and the possum alone again.

In the end, the hapless woman delegated the eradication job to her cat, Jet, who had a standoff with the possum and chased it out the open door.

The woman closed it again, relieved, at 4am. 

Waikato Times