Garage blaze threatens family home

20:33, Jul 31 2014

A family-of-four woke up and dialled 111 just in time to save their house after the attached double garage went up in flames.

The Waihi Volunteer Fire Brigade responded to the emergency on Heard Rd shortly before midnight and chief fire officer, Moe Stevens, said the family's home was about to catch fire when they arrived.

''The occupants [a man, woman and their two grown sons] woke up and the house was full of smoke and it was starting to go,'' Stevens said.

''We had difficulty getting into the garage because the roller doors were electric and they were buggered.''

Eventually they tore the door off and managed to contain the fire.

A fire investigator is due to analyse the burnt out shed today to try and find what sparked the blaze.

Stevens couldn't say what the cause was but he suspected it was the meter box in the shed.


Waikato Times